Unpacking and Merry Christmas

So the move to Louisiana went fairly smooth. We got here on Friday afternoon, a whole day ahead of scheduled…. The packers in VA got done lighting quick, so they loaded us out a day early. Anywho, we packed up, and plunked us down back in our old neighborhood. Which is great, I’m so happy to be back! With one little exception… the unpacking part. This house (which I love, love, love!) is still a whole basement smaller. I had tons of storage in the basement as well as the Biddy’s room, a craft room and the like, So I’m now wondering what to do with all this stuff, ( I didn’t listen to myself and get rid of most of it) So I still have boxes and boxes to unpack. It is coming together, mostly, just slower than I’d like.  All my craft stuff is in the garage, where I’m going to have my craft room… be looking for that makeover sometime in the new year, I have ideas…. muhaha.

Also in the mist of unpacking, it’s also Christmas… The only decorating we’ve done is… The tree, the tree is up. But none of the other christmas craziness that normally goes on is going on. I tried to talk the Mr. into getting a table top tree and calling that good… but no such luck. I know he’s right, (but don’t tell him I said so.) with the boyz we needed to put the tree up. But no baking this year, and that’s what I miss! I love being elbow deep in cookie dough! For all those I bake for… next year, I’ll make up for it next year! Promise!! We did find time to shop… and shop….and shop! But the boyz are done, and I do believe they’ll be very happy. (I hope)



Here’s the new living room… of course it looks somewhat better now.


Guaranteed to make me crazy… but we finally pick a paint color.


See… tree up! We have Eazy E to thank for decorating this year.


The bedroom I want!


Merry Christmas to all!!  Until next time XOXO




Cleaning Up and Out




Needless to say once again, we’re moving. But this time, it feels like we’re going home!  Yes, that’s right… back to Louisiana! I’m so excited, I can’t hardly stand myself!! I will miss the friends I’ve made here, and hope they’ll take me up on coming down!! It’ll be a bit strange not having them in my day-to-day life. But with Facebook and SnapChat they won’t be as far away as some we’ve left.

So with the few days I have left, before the packers get here to pack our life up, I’ve been cleaning up and out, the random cereal boxes, shoe boxes and jars that I thought I make something out of. Is crafting synonymous with hoarding? I couldn’t believe all the stuff I’ve collected! It’s truly mind-boggling.  The Mr. blithely went through his half of the closet pitching this or that without thought. It was educational watching him… none of the, “maybe I’ll be able to get back into this” or “I just got this but didn’t like it when I got home but I might like it later.”  He just jumped in and poof  half his clothes were history!

I have decided GoodWill is either going to love us, or hate us. I’ve given them tons of stuff this past couple of weeks, with another pickup load to go… (how do I collect so much stuff?) I’m trying to be ruthless… I tell myself daily please get rid of this or that… it’s either get rid of it now… or get rid of it in Louisiana, we’ll see how well I listen to myself. Mostly it’s working, mostly I’m  thinking about unpacking it, the burning question is: Is it worth unpacking? If the answer is, NO, then it’s gone. If it’s maybe, Still should be gone. But I have to admit that’s only working sometimes.

The Boyz are pretty excited about the move but we’ve been hyping it up pretty good, I hope without going overboard. The facts are the Mr. will be home more, no more being gone for weeks at a time, shorter commute, (not that they care about that) but it’ll mean he’s home more. The weather is fantastic!  The food is great! The only downside that Eazy E can see is Louisiana is a uniform state. But I’m hoping that when he sees everybody else in a uniform he’ll be ok with it. The little boys don’t care what they wear. But at 11… and being a clotheshorse, Eazy E is feeling the pinch. I expect he’ll get over it soon enough.

So along with the move I’m thinking a name change for the blog… Tales of a housewife, nothing, is a mouth full. What do y’all think of “tales of a southern wife” ? or maybe “tales from a southern wife”.   With that last thought I’m off, more to do …. of course!





Till next time… XOXO


Newborn Shots

There’s been a new addition to the Crazy family…. Yes, the Bug had her little critter, The Monkey!! And what a cute Monkey she is. She is a month old now, which shows you how behind I am on post. But I’ll catch up, eventually.  The Bug made it through like a champ. With the wrinkle of an unplanned C-section but still trooped right through! And home within a couple of days… (sure wasn’t like that when I had her.)

Here is mha little Monkey!



The Bug, her Man and introducing The Monkey


Monkey and DaDa


Looking like a Princess


The Man and Bug are Star Wars crazy





There she is!!  Till next time… XOXO


Table Thursday

I’ve been so wrapped up in redoing my living room tables I haven’t done any ,uh, hardly anything else… strip, sand, chase sanding dust, stain…. wait to dry…. well you get the picture. My project started, as all good projects do, on Pintrest. When I came across this picture

I got my craft skills and my maniac need to finish what I start as quickly as possible from my mama.   Typically, my mom does big crafts like building a glass block wall in her shower and stenciling entire rooms. A few weekends ago, she bought a new wood coffee table, and decided it needed a …

Pretty isn’t it. Click the picture to see how she did her’s!

I’ve been so tired of my tables…. we bought them in 1999, so we’ve had them awhile. I do like them, they’re well made and heavy suckers. I was just tired of looking at ’em. But I didn’t really want to replace them, I like the shape and that they aren’t matchy match. So anyway, I showed the Mr. and shock and amazement  he said he liked that look, but why didn’t I just redo the whole table. What I thought was gonna be a fairly quick project has turned into a long project since each table takes a couple of days to do with dry time and picky diamond drawing.

Come in to my living room and I’ll show you how I did mine…


2014-10-28 10.18.57

This is what I started with… well-loved coffee table


2014-10-28 10.44.40

It all starts with this, I love this stripper. Easy to use and the best part is it works! 😉

2014-10-28 15.02.54

Before sanding, see the stripper really, really works







2014-10-28 20.31.29

Diamonds all taped, wrong but taped.

2014-10-29 07.35.35

Taped right, at least for what I wanted. I took the measurements (The Mr. did the math.) then I divided the table in quarters and drew the diamonds on the diagonal with my quilting ruler. Starting in the middle. Yes the middle… It worked that’s all I know


2014-10-29 09.09.09

I taped every other one, in every other row.

2014-10-29 09.09.47

Tons of taping and sanding, with Anna to help make sure I got it right.

2014-10-29 09.52.57

Border time…

2014-10-29 09.54.56

Diamonds done, border done, now for the second color of stain

2014-10-30 16.06.10

See, subtle.

2014-10-31 14.47.51

All done. New pulls added to lighter stain gives a whole new feel.


Now only 2 more tables, well, really one. A little twist to the tops, they are all gonna have different patterns… all still diamonds, but different.


2014-11-04 15.00.46

See different

I’m off to finish the last one…. whew! Till next time …XOXO




Yup, it’s Monday

With the time change the J-boy is back to his old habits, jeez, hopefully he’ll get used to the change and start sleeping till at least the alarm going off. (but already I miss daylight saving time.) Did y’all remember to turn your clocks back? I already can’t wait till we get to spring forward! I hate it gets dark at 4:30.



Today we have puppy school… yay. Where Anna is learning manners and I’m learning not to be a wimp. So far she’s got  “sit” and “down” pretty good. At home we are working on, Quite! She barks at the boyz… she barks at the Mr…. she barks and growls at anybody who dares come in “her” house. She does wag her tail while barking and growling so I’m not really worried about it. But… she scares the bejesus outta everybody. So it’s got to stop. I know she’s doing her job, so I’m good with one or two barks to let me know the kids are home…. (as if I’d miss it!)  So we’re working on it.

2014-10-24 09.26.00


Now that the coffee table is done… twice, I didn’t like the color of the teak oil, so I had to re-strip the top and do it over, on the huge up side the diamonds came out tons better. I did learn a thing or two, like when the stripper says wear gloves, really wear the gloves!

2014-11-03 08.09.32

Ouch, wear GLOVES!

Sanding in the house is fun… chasing the dust after… not so much. Not to mention how the ceiling catches lots of the dust. But since it’s cold outside I’m will to chase the dust… wherever it may hide! 🙂 I also learned diamonds are hard to draw and get even! But if you get one right… you can draw them all.

2014-10-31 14.47.51

Lighter and brighter

With new pulls and a much lighter stain, I can live with these tables another 20 years. Now on to the next one….. later after puppy school.



I love this… I’m gonna have to make this!


I’m off… Till next time, XOXO






Friday 5

It’s FFRRIIDDAAYYYYY… and Halloween, so 2 thumbs up. Also, once again early release day, umm, 1/2 thumb down. But really , not an entirely bad thing.  The Mr. will be home today, the Biddy Girl will be home today so all good things come to those that live through the week. 😉


A few of my favorite things this week… and boy, dontcha know I have a few. So without further ado…. The Friday 5


2014-10-31 10.56.05

What is it about this song? I love this song!!

2014-10-30 16.06.10

Coffee table redo, tutorial later?

2014-10-31 10.55.03

Meet Anna….

2014-10-31 10.54.53

Woo Hoo… finally a serger! Not to mention classes on Crafty to learn how to use it!

2014-10-31 10.54.30

The Boyz are gonna be “Stick Figures” with the meme faces to match.


And speaking of costumes, they call, (nothing like leaving to the last-minute!) So have a great Halloween…


Till next time, XOXO



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A Different Kind of Post



Aren’t we all….


This will be a different post than I started out with.  On my way out of Lowes this morning, a very nice guy let me go first out of the door and said to me, “Boy, you sure look happy.” I smiled at him and told him “thanks”. On the way home I thought to myself, I am happy. Really happy, happier than I’ve been in a long while.

The Mr. and I have had a bit of a rough patch, haha, more than a bit and rough enough that I was making plans…. single, by myself plans. Talk about hard. We have so much history and have been through a few rough patches but we always managed to pull each other out. Sometimes by the skin of our teeth but we’ve muddled through. So I’ve been asking myself, “Are we together out of habit?”  “Afraid to leave our comfort zone?”  “To set in our ways?” “Does he still love me?” “Hell, do I still love him?!” “What about the boys?”  I think that’s why I’ve been so unhappy, the indecision, I hate not knowing. One day it’d be like, I’m so done with this, and I’d be miserable. The next it would be, Ok, I can deal with this, and I’d be fine… Not happy, but fine.

So I guess somewhere along the last few weeks I’ve decided to let it go. Move on… and forgive, if not forget, (but I’m trying). And make some changes, with me, not the Mr. (Because you can’t change them, or “fix” them. That’s on them.) I will try to remember that I do love him.. still. To meet him at the door with a smile, (and make-up) and a kiss. To spend an hour a day… just hanging. To laugh with him, about whatever. To remember the boy I married has turned into the man I depend on. To remind him that he can depend on me. To remember to hold hands.

Now I’m feeling more settled in my mind and heart for that matter. Which in turn makes me happy.  Besides I’ve remembered something about myself…. I’m a strong, independent, able to take care of myself, woman. Which makes me happier… and that, Ladies and Gentlemen will spill over to the rest.


Till next time… XOXO



Just Another Manic Monday

And if you sang it, I’m impressed! But true statement around here, of course I overslept this morning…. The J-Boy is really learning how to sleep! Yay, that’s cause for celebration, way better than the 4:30 or so that he used to get up at. It’s only taken 2 years to break that habit. Now if I could get him and Nicky Baby to be quiet for a few minutes in the morning, they both wake up yapping…. Eazy E like me is NOT a morning person we have a silent agreement not to speak to each other, until we’re getting ready to hit the bus stop. 😉 I don’t know how middle school is gonna go, he’s gonna have to get up much earlier, poor baby!


On the upside this was a very productive weekend, another pick-up load of mulch down, and the last part of the yard is cleaned up and looks much better. I sat down with my tablet and a few videos to learn my serger. Re-did the front door wreath for fall. The camper is moved out of the driveway and put away for the winter, all that’s needed for that is a cover. J-boy’s closet is all cleaned up and his summer clothes are mostly put up. Discovered Nicky-baby has 2 long sleeve shirts, (I foresee a shopping trip in my near future.)

And best of all… My Mom and Dad will be here today. That way when the Bug calls and says the baby is on the way, I can just leave. I have the best parents, they volunteered to run herd on the boy for 2 weeks, so I can help the Bug with her little critter, when she decides to make an appearance.


2014-10-06 07.51.40

Much, Mulch better

2014-10-06 07.52.29

All tucked away for the winter

2014-03-17 16.19.02

From this



2014-10-06 07.58.07

To that













This week will be packed with dentist appointments Eazy E had 6 cavities, Nicky Baby had 1, and the J-Boy has an appointment for a check up, fun in the sun! And hopefully a baby this week!! I hope, I hope.


Till next time, XOXO




Friday at long last, Time for the Friday 5! Let’s see, nothing special about this week at all, which in all reality it great! No surprises, smooth sailing all around. Yah!


My new favorite way to drink coffee! For the cost of one fancy coffee at Starbuck’s


The Bug is STILL pregnant… so now it’s a waiting game. (Cause it wasn’t before, 😉 )


Reagan quilt is now done, and spelled right!


Can you think of a better thought?


Ok, so it’s the top 4, told ya it’s been a quite week… Till next time… XOXO


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