Newborn Shots

There’s been a new addition to the Crazy family…. Yes, the Bug had her little critter, The Monkey!! And what a cute Monkey she is. She is a month old now, which shows you how behind I am on post. But I’ll catch up, eventually.  The Bug made it through like a champ. With the wrinkle of an unplanned C-section but still trooped right through! And home within a couple of days… (sure wasn’t like that when I had her.)

Here is mha little Monkey!



The Bug, her Man and introducing The Monkey


Monkey and DaDa


Looking like a Princess


The Man and Bug are Star Wars crazy





There she is!!  Till next time… XOXO


Town and Ice

I went to town the last nice day… Wow…. just last week, and got a few shots of the walking mall and some cool old buildings, well, some cool details on some cool old buildings. The ice comes this morning it really is pretty and I hope it translated as well as I think it did, (or hope it did!) But here ya go… the world as I see it through my lens.

Pretty Christmas Window


                             I love the scroll work..
                            the details just get me
Looking down a fence

On the Library 

The stones with what
 looks like roman numerals 
The Steeple on the Babtist Church
A random Street…
Icebreakers… who knew?

On to the Ice… and they are pretty branches and leaves
in my yard.. so no need for captions… right?

The spirit moved

The spirit moved and I grabbed my camera and went to one of my favorite places to shoot pictures… the cemetery. Yes, I said cemetery… I love ’em. At least I love the old ones, the history, the headstones, the sense of quiet and reverence. This one was kind of all jumbled up…. really really old, mixed in with the really new. I think next will be town shots, it’s got a completely different feel from Texas.