Try it again

I’m thinking of trying the blog deal again, I’ve been thinking in blog post for the last few weeks and thinking about how and what to write about.

I love all things crafty, DIYing and making a home. I’m really not into the whole fashion thing… unless you like tee shirts and shorts, I am in Southern Louisiana.. where shorts are a must.  I don’t wear makeup as a rule, so if you looking for that kind of thing… keep looking. (But might I suggest Kate, over at, Kate is into all the fashion, makeup and hair stuff! ) But that said, if you’re looking for crafty, sewing, cleaning, cooking or what I do with my boys… all wrapped up with somewhat of a warped sense of humor and a bit of sarcasm then you’ve probably come to the place.

Come on in, be at home. Grab a glass of ice tea or join me with with some ice coffee, check out my latest project, drop me a comment or a suggestion and we’ll see just how it all goes.

Till next time,

Mrs. Crazy

Countertops, Chiropractors & Kickboxing

I can’t believe it’s been almost a month since I’ve been on here, but with one thing or another the days just slip by. Then bam! a month is just gone, seems like my days just disappear. But enough of that and on to the next…

I have wanted new countertops since we moved in, I hate tile countertops, they’re hard to clean the grout just gets nasty (yes, I’m a messy cook, and The Mr. is worse.) We have lots and lots of countertops.. (love that!) So needless to say we’ve been looking and looking, I really want soapstone, that stuff is indestructible, unless you’re The Mr. who managed to melt his science class’s table, (something about the wrong chemicals) but really as long as you don’t mix the wrong chemicals on them they are great! Get a scratch or a dent? Sand it out. Well, anywho, we’ve priced out soapstone, granite and quartz, (which I also love) Soapstone  comes in at the best price, with granite and quartz running neck and neck. So without further todo… I picked….


Yep, concrete, and not even the poured in-place slab concrete. Which I’m sure The Mr. could do… if he were sure about the look. (He’s really not, but I’m sure he will be.) So I’m doing a concrete overlay. So far I’m loving it… I think when it’s all done it will kinda look like soapstone. There are tons of tutorials on how to do it. The best I came across was, Kara Paslay Design,  Simple, pretty straight forward, and they teach classes in concrete. However I didn’t follow their tutorial all the way. I used Henry Feather Finish, it’s made by the same company, Ardix, but Home Depot had it in stock. I’m also using Behr Semi-Transparent concrete stain in Dark Coal and to top it all off Behr Wet Look sealer for concrete. I found working on a tile countertop as a posed to a laminate  one, I filled in the grout lines first and let that dry, then did my first coat of the overlay. Also the messier you layers, the more sanding you’ll do. On the first layer, it was hugely sloppy! I used my fingers.. an old trowel, that left some groves in the concrete, let’s just say it was not pretty. So I sanded …. a LOT! I also used 5 layers… (mainly because The Mr. didn’t like the 4th one.) by the time I got done with the fifth one,(which he finally approved of.) I finally got the hang of putting down a smooth layer. So now it’s dried over night, sanded this morning, and the first coat of stain is down. I’m going to let that dry for the 4 hours, put the second coat on, probably let that dry over night, the seal away! So I’m in the finishing laps. I really like the way it looks, now to see if The Mr. does and if he does… the rest of the countertops will need to be done! 🙂


2015-03-09 10.57.55

This is the first layer after filling in the grout lines.

2015-03-09 13.34.27

See… messy, sloppy and needed tons of sanding! This is how not to spread concrete.












2015-03-09 09.44.51

I’m pretty sure this is the 5th layer… wet. See much better. The trick I have found is to get it down, but don’t mess with it too much. Kind of hold your trowel at maybe a 45 degree angle, and don’t go in straight lines. (it leaves lines in the concrete.)

2015-03-11 07.11.23

Much better, and didn’t take tons of sanding. Mostly just the back edge along the side by the fridge.









I’ll have pictures of the totally finished project, hopefully for Fridays post.

On to the Chiropractor portion of the days program, just let me say wow!! I feel better… and I can stand to iron all The Mr.s work clothes!! Yippieeee. A  thought on going to a Chiropractor, make sure they do X-rays first… they can’t fix you if they can see what to fix, I went to one, who didn’t do X-rays and got me on the fix-it table, ran his fingers down my back and told me I drank too much milk and had some kind of weird deficiency… I was off his table and out the door fast enough to make his head spin!

Kickboxing!! What a workout! OMG… talk about intense. I think it will become my new obsession. It’s fast pasted, you only have to compete with yourself. It’s the first workout I’ve done that I was truly sore after… muscles that I didn’t know I still had!! It is amazing!!


i love kickboxing


That all there is… there ain’t no more… well till next time. XOXO


50 Shades…



So, The Biddy and I went to see “50 Shades of Gray” and, well… I’m giving it a mostly 5. It wasn’t a horrible movie but I’m glad we went during the matinée where the tickets are much cheaper. I’ll go see the rest of them, because I saw this one, but I won’t own it… I might watch it again when it comes out on cable… but only might.

Dakota Johnson  was very convincing as “Ana Steele” and pretty much how I pictured her in my head while reading the books, Jamie Dornan wasn’t quite who I had in mind, but to be completely fair… he grew on me as “Christian Gray”. The acting was really pretty good, pretty believable and Johnson/Dornan had some interesting chemistry going on.

I couldn’t tell you why I feel this one only gets a 5… maybe if I hadn’t read the books? I don’t know… I just know I wasn’t impressed, and don’t think the movie lived up to the hype…

All of that… with no spoilers… Your Welcome. But do go see it… if you haven’t already, Tell me what you thought about it!

Till next time… XOXO





It’s Friday the 13th!

Woo…wooo…. It’s Friday and Friday the 13th at that, a historic day, cataloging bad luck through the ages…here are a number of popular myths and superstitions surrounding the day, most famously:

If you cut your hair on Friday the 13th, someone in your family will die.

If a funeral procession passes you on Friday the 13th, you will be the next to die.

Do not start a trip on Friday or you will encounter misfortune.

If you break a mirror on Friday the 13th, you will have seven years of bad luck. ( I thought this one was anytime you broke a mirror.)

A child born on Friday the 13th will be unlucky for life. (Ha, my Grandmother was born on a Friday the 13th and lived well into her 90’s… sounds pretty lucky to me.)

Ships that set sail on a Friday will have bad luck.

If you walk under a ladder (I would think so… somebody on the ladder could drop a hammer on your head.)or if a black cat(Poor kitties) crosses you on Friday the 13th, you will have bad luck.

I, myself don’t believe in Friday the 13th, I think it’s only bad luck if you are a Knights Templar, who were rounded up starting at dawn Friday the 13th, 1307. But that’s just me. However… don’t knock it, cuz ya just never know…

On with the Friday 5…

I’m going with the Biddy Girl to see “50 Shades of Gray”… I did ask the Mr. if he wanted to go with me, 3 guesses on what that answer was… but you probably won’t need them!



2015-02-09 14.40.46

The doggies messing with a stink bug… much hilarity ensued.

2015-02-12 11.58.16

The beginning of a new lampshade




2015-02-12 15.22.55

I just love starch… and a good iron. Y’all know how to iron?







I just couldn’t resist!!


Y’all have a great day… and be careful out there, it is Friday the 13th.


Till next time…OXOX



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Taking a Break, Yep

I thought I’d take a break and see what was going on in the blogosphere…(I really messed up spell check with that one.) (mostly I’m putting off ironing the Mr.’s work shirts) while I’m waiting for the most resent project to dry. I’m re-doing the lamp shades in the master bedroom, one to go, lampshade that is, I have the seat for the vanity to do yet and I still waiting for the new bed… but he says he’ll get to it. Don’t think I didn’t find the exact bed at a furniture store in BR, even sent the Mr. a picture… so we’ll see how that works out. I’m thinking if he doesn’t get it done this weekend I’m gonna take the done pictures anyway and move on to the next room. I’m sure if I squint I’ll see the bed as I want to see it! Right?! Right!

I do need to get at least the main part of the house done… all the way. The In-Laws are coming… the In-Laws are coming! Just in time for Mardi Gras, I can’t wait to take them to New Orleans. The boys will be out of school, the Mr.’s taking the day off, should be tons of fun. I’d love to, while they’re here, take them to Homas House, its the best plantation tour I’ve ever been on and the gardens…fanatic!

Break times about over… so I’ll leave you with a few pictures to show you what I’ve got going on, today…


2015-02-10 13.24.50

The Biddy Girl’s computer sleeve. Turn out better than I thought it would. Two thumbs up from Biddy so it’s all good!




2015-02-10 14.48.27

Not as sad and lonely, it is still pretty early in the season for a whole lot of flowers, but I’m seeing it chocked full of flowers and pretty green plants.

2015-02-11 14.37.30-1

Aren’t they cool…. They caught my eye so home they came.









2015-02-12 11.17.26

The last lampshade, before picture. (it’s drying)




2015-02-12 13.59.55

What to do with Mardi Gras beads? Fill a vase!

Well, I’m off to do something, even if it’s wrong..  Till next time..XOXO



Changing Gears

We did take the weekend off. Took the Boyz to Family Gras, the music was great, the food was wonderful, but other than that… pretty much a bust! Not a whole lot for the kiddies to do, or see. So off to Baton Rouge we went. Caught the tail end of one parade where the Boyz raked in a fair amount of stuff… hung out at the Science Center, watched a cool movie at the planetarium, then lo and behold it was time for the next parade! Gods and Villains! Fun… Fun.. Fun! The Boyz have never been to a parade like this, They were amazed at the stuff, the floats, and all the people in masks. Nicky Baby is a bead catching fool, he’s got quick hands and an engaging smile, as he was yelling, “Hey, Mister, throw me something.” I swear the guys on the floats were throwing stuff at Cricket just to see if he’d smile. And the J-Boy… that cute littler tucker… he smiled and waved at everybody! Including the marching bands, who if not playing would wave back! It was tons of fun to watch the Boyz’s faces light up as they caught this or that.


2015-02-07 19.02.46

The King, His float is always first to kick everything off

2015-02-07 19.51.46

Orion, The first of the Hero’s!











With the bedroom mostly done and the weather wonderful and warm. I’m changing gears and thinking about outside projects. Ummm, flowers! I finally decided where to put the bakers rack that I had no room for, but love. On the back porch it went, it’s a covered porch, yay, but now it looks lonely… and sad. So it needs flowers! With the freeze dates here (OVER) I can grab my pots and some dirt… and tada bright spot on the porch. A super easy project with a lot of kick.

2015-02-10 08.26.20

See, lonely and kinda sad

But… first things first, The Biddy Girl has asked me to make a sleeve for her new Apple Air, so I guess it’s off to the craft room for me… but before or after a trip to Lowe’s? (After!)


Till next time… XOXO







The Friday 5

Woo Hoo, Friday! Big plans for the weekend, working on the house goes without saying.  But one day this weekend we’re off to Family-Gras. A kid friendly Mardi Gras deal, with parades, concerts and of course food! It’ll be a fun way to ease the boys into the craziness of Mardi Gras.  I love Mardi Gras it’s so much fun! I’m really looking forward to the parades and such in the Garden District of New Orleans, it’s a different kind of fun than in The Quarter, (which I don’t think I’ve old enough for let alone 3 small boys!)

The bedroom makeover goes well… down now to the finishing touches. I finally found lamps that would work, today’s project, re-do the lamp shades! Should be fun! I need to re-do a couple of frames to hang the amazing pictures Brando got me for Christmas, prints of some fanatic art from Zach Jackson, the older set went to high school with him, so I can say “I knew him when!” The Mr. will hopefully finish the bed this weekend and maybe we’ll have the big reveal next week. I’m hopeful.

On to the Friday 5,

2015-01-06 07.42.32

Da Boyz at the bus stop, I have to say I love uniforms. They look so handsome!



2015-01-24 08.58.30

The new stove… am I the only one who gets as excited for appliances as I would for diamonds?



2015-01-31 07.57.22

Who says you can’t paint vinyl roller shades with latex paint?



2015-01-31 13.36.04

Hmm, what’s it gonna be… tune in next week!



2015-02-04 13.51.28

Aww, even better than frappuccinos!


There’s a look at my week, How’s yours been?

Till next time, XOXO



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Coming Together

It’s finally starting to come together… whew… Finally. We got some pictures hung, The Mr. still wants to re-cut the bluey-greeny color back in around the trim but it’s just little touch ups that are left in there. I still need my books in the shelves, I found a new project on Pinterest that I want to work in… when and if I get done with all the other projects that I have going on, or on the list. But… I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Finally!


2015-01-28 09.37.52

I can see the light!


Back to the mastered room hint… You’ll never believe it… Glitter, yes they make glitter for paint, I have to admit if I’d of really read the instructions on the back of the glitter I would have passed. It’s actually for the granite like paint, to give texture and a bit or more of bling to your paint treatment. However I’m here to tell you, you can add it regular paint!


2015-01-28 11.02.51

Works great in regular paint!

So what I did with it was add 2 tablespoons to 2 cups of paint, It stenciled my whole wall. It does make the paint a bit thicker, and a little more sticky…(for want of a better description) The thicker part thrilled me to know end.. because… Hey, stencils and all that. With the 2 tablespoons with gives just a touch of sparkle, but not in your face. (Picture The Mr. in a sparkly bedroom, hahahaha) Just enough to perk up the wall a bit. I used temporary spray adhesive to keep the stencil from shifting around on the wall, I have to say this is the first time I’ve used an adhesive on stencils, I can happily report it won’t be the last. It made all the difference! I re-sprayed the stencil every time I hit the top of the wall, let it get tacky and stick away! Comes right off too… I was a little worried about that part, but nope worked like a charm.

2015-01-28 11.02.42

This is the color palette I’m working with. The darkest being the furniture, 2 up for there is the walls, 1 up for that is the stencil color.

2015-01-28 11.03.09

With pops of this yellow, a little toned down from the inspiration room, but I like it… with all the taupe going on… and the pillows I made are more of a goldy yellow.


2015-01-25 11.30.00

The sparkle doesn’t really start showing till it’s dry, but trust me it’s there! I’m now thinking about painting the roller shades, the same color as the walls, with the stencil design on them.

2015-01-25 11.58.06

The temporary spray adhesive really works, I was impressed. I could not find stencil adhesive anywhere!



2015-01-28 09.26.30

So far so good! lamps, curtains, or paint the roller shades, (at least till I can find just the right material) But it’s coming together!


The dresser is my current project and the drawers are dry, so it’s time to start the silver leafing! Yes, with pictures of the whole process this time! 😉

Till next time… XOXO






Lots of Fun

There’s lots of fun stuff going on here at the Crazy House. Decorating, demo, building, painting, changing the countertops….. It’s a busy weekend.

The Mr. went to Home Depot and called me, “Hey, I found a better stove, the we ordered isn’t going to be here till sometime in March… (grrrr) So how about this one?” Well, let me tell you… it’s a nice stove. So yep, get it! Got it, get it home, install it and no joy, the gas pressure to the house isn’t enough to make it light! (grrrrrr) So I’ll be on the phone to the gas company Monday and I’ll bet the old stove will be back in its old home! (grrrrrr) But those are the breaks! So Monday it is… On to Demo, demo on the countertops started last night around 9pm….. while at Home Depot, The Mr. also pick up some new tile for the countertops, No, I don’t want granite… I think it’s overrated. I was kind of envisioning Soapstone… Well the tile The Mr. brought home has the soapstone feel. (How does he do that?) I can wait to see how it turns out! It’s bigger tile, with a grout that will blend in, instead of stand out. Plus he’s going to put them closer together.  Which equals smaller grout lines.

I’ve got just about all the sewing done for our bedroom make-over… Just one more pillow, a footstool to paint and re-cover, curtains. But today… today I paint! Yay! I just love to paint… 😉  And a surprise, but no hints. I’m going to see how it turns out first. Should be fun, ok… ok… one hint, It involves the stencils. There ya go… that’s your one hint.


2015-01-23 08.13.39

All the new pillows for the bed… Now all it needs is the new bed.

2015-01-23 19.19.43

Wouldn’t you know I didn’t take any before pictures… But here it is… all done!

2015-01-23 19.22.52

The footstool is next, this is pretty much what the chair looked like.

2015-01-24 09.00.13

The new tile for the countertops, I’m so excited!!



2015-01-23 20.44.10

He looks good swing a hammer! But talk about a mess, for the rest of the countertops , he’ll be replacing the plywood too.





2015-01-24 08.58.35

Done and cleaned up… needs backer board… and all the rest.




Till next time… XOXO


Hip Deep

So I’m hip deep in paint, varnish and silver leaf. I’m doing a master bedroom re-do. Remember the picture….




Yep, that one… Welp, I’m working on making our bedroom look mostly like this, or at least my vision of this. I’ve already got the duvet  cover in place. To knock off the mirrored furniture I’m using silver leaf on the drawers  of the night stands and the dresser, after painting them a rich brown color. I have the material to do the pillows and the throw. I just love Joann’s! Also I’m subbing the chase lounge (which I’d love to have) with an all ready owned rocker, that I’m gonna paint and recover in…..  fur. The Mr. is making me the bed… I feel like that show on HGTV, where the hostess knocks off a designer look for tons less. Now all that’s left is the lamps… umm… I’m thinking a trip to Goodwill is on my agenda, Oh, and curtains! Can’t forget the curtains!!

And I’m not doing the wallpaper… paint and stencils, that I found on-line, If y’all need big stencils, OMGstencils has some amazing stencils!!  Jimmy Black the owner will do customs! (Nope, he doesn’t know me from Adam… but the stencils are so cool and they got here so quick he deserves  the plug!)



So this is what I started with…. minus the drawers, I’ve noticed 98 was a good year for buying furniture. 😉



Just the top painted.




Silver leafing is really messy. But it’s pretty easy after you get the hang of it. Tutorial later? maybe for the dresser drawers.




Done with the leafing…. wait, it gets better.


After a coat of varnish, all the lines and such just disappear.


Waiting for the second coat to dry, hit it with some steel wool, and back to bedroom with these!

I’m hoping to get started on the sewing part of this project today, (keep your fingers crossed) cuz it’s also laundry day! And I should probably clean house… But ya know it won’t take long to knock out the sewing portion of this project, (she says hopefully). So I guess it’s time to wrap this up and get started.


Till next time… XOXO