Crafty Weekend

This has been a crafty weekend, Valentine’s Boxes, jean fixes, (and I’m still working on my reusable towels..) I wish I’d taken so pictures of the making of Nicky Baby’s box, it turned out sooo good! At least he Loved it.. and I got the ultimate praise from Eazy E, “Cool Box, Mom.” But mostly I started with a black shoe box, printed out some Spiderman graphics off the computer… cut it all out, and then glue…glue… glue. To make Spidey stand up, craft stick between the mirror images. Added a few hearts… it is a Valentine’s Day Box. But our Nicky Baby is Spiderman crazy… and he’s been super good so it was fun to be able to make something different and tailored made to him!

Image   ImageImage

I also spent sometime “fixing” my favorite jeans! They are from Ann Taylor and I love the fit… mostly! The wash is great! The only problem I had with them was the gappy waist! It felt like they were falling down alllllll the time, so I was forever hitching them up! And bending over? Not in theses jeans, (I can’t pay for everybody therapy!) So after 10 minutes on my sewing machine and about 6 inches of nice wide elastic… Tada… my favorite jeans are really and truly my favorite jeans!


What I did was, pin the elastic in the center tight… 2 pins were pretty necessary in my opinion, then I pulled the elastic as far as I could to one side, while keeping the jeans as smooth and as straight as possible. Sewed 2 lines… one on top of the elastic and one on the bottom, I used navy blue thread so you couldn’t see it from the back, (outside) of the jeans, repeat on the other side… and voila no more gappy jeans!! Oh and try not to catch the belt loops, if you can. I didn’t really stress over that… I don’t wear belts as a rule. But if you do… try not to catch them or your belt wearing days are over!


Sorry…. but from the back. Wow, that’s just not a good look, is it? oh well, the jeans look good!!

And we’re back

This has been a week…. of no school and the Flu! Yuck… Nicky Baby was the first struck with a mild case, (the boy is a brick!) Then the J-Boy who had a real case… red eyes, fever, and quite… he’s never quite, so off to the Doctor’s we went. 3 doses of tamiflu and I had my J-Boy back. Then of course the Mr got it… and shared with me. (I just Love that Man!) Eazy E is the only one that escaped!! Lucky boy!! Even the Biddy Girl was sick. However all is well, mostly… and back on our normal schedule and with a full day of school today (cartwheels are being turned) I’m hoping to get stuff done! (uh-hu)

On to the crafty bit, I got the boxes done for the boyz homework…. it is amazing how much paper they bring home! It was just sitting in piles… lurking… waiting to fall on an unsuspecting person, or cat! So now it’s getting organized and at the end of year, I can go through it (at my leisure) and cull out the really good stuff, the quirky, and the hand prints.

 From shipping boxes to homework keepers, all it took was a bit of black paint (who said you can’t paint cardboard?) A little fabric for the edges, just to keep it all looking neat, and their names, so I don’t get them messed up! and best of all… all the paper they bring home fits… standing up I may, or not do up some dividers but we’ll have to see about that one.    

What to do today

So with it being MLK Day and a federal holiday the kiddies are outa school…. as a matter of fact they don’t go back to school till Thursday, (I jinxed it!) Ho Humm… But it’s actually all good. I do enjoy their company and they are fun to play with. Another upside… no rushing around in the  morning!!

 So on today’s agenda…

Paper Flower Kusudama Ball
Japanese Kusudama

Isn’t it pretty? I was looking at my front door and noticing how bare and lonely it looked now that the Christmas wreath is all packed away. So why not make a few of these and make them into a wreath? This would be the tutorial I found… where else but on Pinterest! 

I’m also hoping to finish… (start) the boxes I have in mind to corral the boyz homework before it takes all the way over. Should be an easy peasy project, the Flowers?? Prolly not hard (at least not in the tutorial) but certainly time consuming.

The weekend was just chocked full of Boys, sports, and sleepovers! We had Eazy E’s Birthday Party at the Laser Tag place in town… it gave all the boys (and a few dad’s) something fun to do, add pizza and cake… success! Then on to Roller hockey and Flag football, before watching the really big boys play! What a great weekend! (Not to mention the Bronco’s are going to the Superbowl!! Woot Woot!)


 Eating Pizza and getting “caked” Thanks to a sibling tradition… (sniff, sniff)

Roller Hockey is soooo much fun! I just love to watch the little guys play… 

Flag Football is way different then tackle football, I don’t know if it’s because it’s indoor, or because it’s flag. But it is interesting to watch! It’ll be better after I figure out all the rules and why they start at one end of the field instead of the middle. But as long as Eazy E likes it… it’s all good and I’ll catch up!


Tis the Day

It is the day before Thanksgiving, Turkey’s in the ‘fridge, thawing I hope! I’m pretty sure I have the menu down for tomorrow. So today I’m gonna pre-make everything I can! (Maybe) It’s been several years since I’ve made a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, Turkey and all the fixings. So here’s to tradition!


I also have a few projects going on in the craft room, Reusable paper towels, (which the Mr. just rolled his eyes over), a somewhat smaller winter messenger bag for me, chew toy for Mia Cara, and still working on the last couple of Christmas presents! I just couldn’t seem to settle on one project. (mmm, 1,2,3… oh shiney!)


All 13 cut out…
Fabric.. quilters flannel and terry cloth
All but the snaps… 12 more to go

I love the tutorial I found…. Pinterest or All Sewing, I can’t remember which, but it’s now pinned I added the binding, due to a jelly roll on clearance which just happened to be in the perfect colors!

All that’s left is the handle… 

This purse had a couple of different inspirations behind it… But mostly the design is mine. And I tweaked the making of it..  But I made the first few using….
She write a killer tutorial!! Easy to follow and tons of pictures. I’ll take better pictures of the details when I get it all done. I think it’s gonna turn out just the way I pictured in my head… 😉

Tomorrow is for food, family and thanks!! I hope all y’all have a great Thanksgiving!! (and thanks for reading!)



Kind of hit, Kind of miss, Hit and A Sister of the Heart

My kind of hit, kind of miss was a stand for my tablet. I wanted one that the tablet would sit on as the case I have really doesn’t work. and I like it to stand upright. So off to Pinterest I went. Hummm, so many options to chose from. I made one… really didn’t like it. A great tutorial and went together easy enough. But I just wasn’t happy with it! so I guess that one was a miss. (No pictures though… sorry). On to the next… cardboard!! (I love cardboard) I cut up one of the moving boxes I saved for just this kind of thing… and Ta Da… a stand. Not pretty… and full of rocks to make it work.


And while it does work. It’s not very pretty to look at and somewhat heavy. (due to the rocks in the bottom! 😉 )  So back to the drawing board and more cardboard… I had the general shape and size I wanted, so now on to google to see some pictures… and, Voila, the hit! (and with no rocks!) It’s light, portable, has the right angle… (ya know that was mostly by happenstance!) and looks tons better! I have to say I wish I’d of made the cover a bit tighter… but all in all I’m pretty happy the way it turned out! 


I got a call from My Sister of the Heart, with a diagnoses that no woman wants. I am very sad I’m not closer (in miles) so that I can help her and her family with whatever needs done. Fortunately she has an amazing attitude and a fantastic medical team not to mention her incredibly supportive husband to help her and get through this ….. ummm….. trial. So if all you reading would take a minute and send positive thoughts toward my Sister… I would be greatly appreciative!!



Crochet is Addicting

Today has been all about crocheting… (and most of yesterday…) but ya gotta love a quick project that just flies by. 2 count them 2 scarves done and put together!! Plus a headband, ear warmers?? Oh well, whatever you call ’em. Done… Done and Done! And now maybe my ears won’t freeze! I guess I’m going to have to get real winter clothes, as opposed to Texas or Louisiana winter clothes. Cuz… burrrrr, it’s cold and as my neighbor gleefully told me this morning, “It’s gonna get worse… just wait till February. Which I am going to cancel! That all right with ya’ll? February is now officially canceled…. That’s it, that’s all for today… back to my yarn.

Stay warm!

Longish scarf

Short scarf

Headband ear warmers

Monday, Monday, Monday

Yep that’s right it’s Monday… ya’ll got the memo right? Of course you did! Have a good weekend? Great!! We had a weekend of up and downs as I’m sure ya’ll have heard by now. 😉

Update on the girls…. Miss Rea’s Mom came and picked her up for the long haul back to Indiana, so she wouldn’t have to wait to fly home with a broken arm. They have made it home safe and sound. The Biddy Girl’s bruises are making their way to the surface and she is now quite colorful, but Thankful!


  You may remember me mentioning an old table I bought at Goodwill, (I just love Goodwill, you never know what you’ll find.) My Mom told me it’s a Duncan Phyfe prolly from the 50’s, Score!! It’s in pretty good shape, but came with no chairs… So I tell the Mr. I need benches, Nope don’t care how you build them as long as you do… 😉 (hehehe, good thing he understands me!) So yesterday we have a race… he built 2 benches… I made 1 cushion… He won!! Or I guess I should really say we won… he won the race, but I won cuz I got 2 benches outta the deal!!

Countersinking the screws….


Perfect height


With the cushion

    So I’m off…. off to the craft room to finish the next cushion. Have a great day!

Wednesday = do the Math day

Now that I have curtains on the brain and 14.5 yards of unbleached muslin… I’m going to attempt a box pleat valance for my sink window. Figuring the math for such as been…. challenging …um fun. but I think I have it all figured, I hope! So for today a short, short post as my four hour window
cruzes by.

The paisley is for the pleat.
The figuring
and still



A Funny Thing Happened…

Sunday afternoon The Mr, says to me….. I need some tin snips and you can go them and while you’re out pick up the stuff you need to make curtains for the basement door. What??!! You want me to go to the fabric store, to make curtains?! Sweet!! Took my measurements and off I went, tin snips… check. Off to Joann’s I go… oops with a stop over at the Goodwill, cause you never know. You could score an antique table that’ll will wind up in the breakfast room, did I mention it has copper feet? No, well it does. I however don’t have pictures, Yet. (The Mr. parked his pickup next to where I have the table leaning 😦 ) So off to Joann’s feeling pretty pleased with myself… (Snicker snicker ) find the perfect material, rings, everything I need. Plug in the length I need to my handy dandy calculator… 80 x 2 (two panels) divided by 12…. 14 yards. Didn’t even blink. Then I come home thinking how cute they’re going to look… start cutting… and thought to myself, “Self you bought a LOT of material for two little panels on french doors no less.” Ummm… run back through my math… and guess what… Duh… I forgot to finish… divided by 3, for yards instead of just feet. So instead of 4 and a half yards I got all they had at 10 yards with the option of special ordering the rest of what I thought I needed! But the upside is I now have curtains on the basement doors, my sewing room doors with enough extra to make a few pillows!


It’s Friday

Ya know that’s quite possibly the hardest part of Blogging… sometimes a title jumps at me and most times I stretch for one, so for today, it is what it is… Friday!! And time for H5FF, one of my favs to do , but also sometimes the hardest…

1 .B-Day Flowers from Brando!
2. B-Day Flowers from the Biddy Girl

3. New Messenger Bag!

4. For my Sunnies
5. Cookies!! New recipe 

So it was my B-Day this last week! Dinner out (not on Friday!)

1.& 2. Flowers from the kids
3 & 4 The new much smaller Messenger Bag! I love this shape and the fact that I can carry a small child , uh, everything I think I need plus what everybody else thinks they need. Made outta the Mr’s old jeans, the Biddy girls pockets… a painters tarp and other random scraps. What’s not to love?
5. A new cookie recipe, (that I already modified) double chocolate chip and English toffee chocolate chip. yumm…
Have a great Friday and a fantastic weekend!!