The Begning….

Well, Welcome to my blog. Come on in, make yourself at home….

 Just a little background, I woke up one day and decide that maybe I could write a blog… I follow enough of them a few of my favorites are…  Kate over at The Small Things Blog  she is great at the girl stuff and I’ve learned tons!! For fun and food there is Katy at Buffalo Gals BakeryMiniManor is another great one on Decorating and DIY’ing, along with Hi Sugarplum and Honey We’re Home. For Organizing you really can’t beat IHeart Organizing just to name, well, more than a few.

After raising 3 children to mostly self-relent adult-hood, we have decided to start over and open our home and our hearts to foster children… so far I have to say it’s been a challenge, but when “my little guy” looks up and says “Gee, I sure like being here”. It makes it soooo worth it! So Thanks to Mr. Crazy for dragging me into this.

I love to cook, umm, bake, craft, sew, decorate my house,wonder around central Texas with my camera…. So I’m hoping y’all will come along with my on my new adventure….