Whats under my needle

The last week or so I’ve been working on kid-sized quilts for a great charity called My Belongings, it give newly made foster kids something to call their own. My Belongings work with DCFS and apparently various police departments to supply duffle bags to children removed from their home, in the duffle bags are things the kids will need immediately, shoes, pj’s, hair brushes, school supplies (if age appropriate ) along with a book, stuffed animal and a quilt. All that belong to them. Here’s a link if you’d like to help out, My Belongings

All of these ladies gave a whole day to sew quilts for My Belongings.

What we had done by lunch

What was done by the end of the day.

Isn’t this one too cute…

I checked out a few kits to make at home this week for them, here’s my current favorite.

Thank to my quilt quild for finding out about them and volunteering to make quilts!

Check out the link, if you can donate! These kids need you!

Till next time,

Whats going on

So what’s going on, blogosphere? It’s the last insane week before school starts, well, 4 days really. So we’re school supply shopping, nothing like waiting for the last second, making sure their school uniforms fit. New shoes, haircuts, and the like. The last hazy lazy days of summer.

I’ve also started a new diet, (oh joy), at my Dr’s urging, thanks to a ridiculously high cholesterol number, we’ve decided to go with the South Beach Diet, it seems to be the best one for my needs. So I’m gonna try diet and exercise to see if I can bring that number down to where it needs to be. Do keep your fingers crossed.

Don’t y’all just love food pictures. But it’s the first night of the new diet.

Needless to say I haven’t had much under my needle this last week, very sad, I know. I miss my machine and my fabrics. But with school starting ill definitely have more creative time. I’m so looking forward to it. I do have to finish the Biddys quilt, she and the hubby and BooBoo are coming down to visit for Labor Day! So that’ll be first under my needle, good thing all that’s left is backing, quilting and binding. I’m going to jump right in and do the whole thing in free motion. By the time its done I should be pretty good at it. My current project is straight line quilting. But the design just lends itself to it.

First this way, then I’m thinking to make the points facing up. Maybe echo the sun burst, I think it’ll be fun.

And with that, Untill next time.