Boys, boys and a full fry.

Both of the younger boys had friends stay over last night a first for both, but they’ve never asked to have friends over. I guess this means that they’re growing up. So after not finding the tent.. I still don’t know where that damn thing is. Oh well..moving on. We decided that Pickles and his friend would sleep in the living room where they could watch movies all night. (The friend didn’t make it past the first movie. 😉). JBoy and his friend would sleep in the boys room, Friend in the bed, he’s the guest, and The Boy on his little flip out couch. They slept in till almost 8am!! I am shocked,

Last nights pizza and wings.

This morning rolls around, Pickles and his friend are up at 6:30, I was so hoping to sleep in just a little but it was not to be,

They were allll up, #1 Friend is the only smart one of the whole bunch!

So the coffee is on

Ummm… smell that?

And a full fry is all ready to be served, at least as soon as The Mr. gets home from his game

Biscuits and Gravy, Hash Browns and Cheesey Eggs

And now I have some happy boys

Happy full boys, the other 2 escaped my picture taking moment. Fast little people, they are.

A morning in the life… 😍

Till next time

Happy 4th of July

We spent our 4th on the boat, fishing. In as far as I am concerned any day on the water. Even when I’m trying desperately not to give in to sea sickness. It’s just shy of ridiculous I love being on the water, but let it get the least bit rough… and I’m fighting to keep it together. But it’s still amazing, Louisiana is beautiful by water. (Or by land)

On our way out.

Barataria Bay

The Sentinel

The JBoys fish, too bad it was 1/2 inch short.

I caught the biggest fish of the day.

And some hard heads…

And a stingray!

The only way I’m gonna see fireworks today, Maceys fireworks!

Learning curve

I’m working on learning how to free motion quilt on a frame. I got a Ken Lund frame kit a little bit ago. And I have to say it’s pretty dang cool. I did take the top carriage wheels off and replace them with 4 ball casters. After adding some stops on the sides of the bottom carriage I like it much better. It’s some how looser, which makes the loopy quilting easier.

Now with a Ken Lund frame, it’s actually a kit and you build part of it. Namely the rails and the poles that the quilt is mounted on. I do have 3 8ft poles that I normally would use, and the frame ends can hold 4, the one closes to the wall is the one I call the finished rod, that’s were the quilt all comes together.

Now currently I just the 2 rods for my practice piece, I find it to be easier to move around. I have 3 rods on just to see how it would work.

See that door… behind that door is the air conditioner, if the Mr. needs to work on it I’m gonna be trouble, I’ll have to take it all apart and move it to get to the door. 😏 so let’s hope for no air conditioning problems this year.

Here’s where I did my modifications. See the ball casters, they make it much looser.

Here you can see the 2 wood “stops” I used to keep the top carriage on the bottom carriage.

Free motion quilting, it’s quite a trick getting the needle moving at the right speed while moving the machine around. But for me anyway it’s easier than moving the quilt around.

Loopy stitching

However you really need to watch where you’re going I ran over the ribbon I use to keep the quilt taunt.

Opps… doesn’t take very much to run something over if you’re not watching where you’re going.

All fixed.

It’s getting better, I have found putting on some music with a good beat it’s easier.

A Fun Fruit Post

The Mr. and the boys went on a fishing trip a couple of weeks ago, down at Mr. Mike’s camp. What does that have to do with fun fruit, you may ask. Well, Mr Mike had an amazing tool that the boys were just fascinated by,

Who knew they made a pineapple peeler and why didn’t I think it up? We love pineapple, I hate cutting it up. You get all those little sharp pointy deals, they’re just a pain to peel.

I’m here to tell you this little thing works, no more pain or wasted sweet deliciousness. Not to mention it’s way easy and looks fun.

He’s such a good sport, my Mr. is! But to tell you the truth he does really know he’s the star of the the blog today. 😘 hiya, honey!

There’s my easy, fun fruit post, now we’ll be able to have pineapple way more.

Update: Want your own?

Here’s the link,

You’re welcome.

Till next time,