Sewing Sundays

Sewing on Sundays is starting to be normal around the Crazy house but it’s the time all week I’ve gotten to sew, so I made the most of it. As a change of pace I thought if work on the quilt challenge for a bit. I’m so behind, it’s a really good thing there’s no time limit, the challenge will be forever on Moda’s website.

Ice coffee and the start of 4 patches.

Look at all those 2 patches.

Nest those seams

Not to bad, now to sew them all together, add the cornerstones and on to the next.

I should’ve taken pictures of the making of the cornerstone block, I’ve never done a tulip block, but once I got the pieces cut to the correct size, (I have no idea how all the pieces were to big.), laid out in the correct layout, it went together with nary a problem.

I think it’s gonna go together pretty nicely. I’ll have to see what the next blocks are.

So far, fun, fun, fun challenge! And a great way to use the fat quarter bundle I got from Connecting Threads. Let me tell you, so far anyway, I’ve loved everything I’ve gotten from them.

This week will be semi-insane, Snowflake has two-a-days, Freshman Orientation and a lock-in. The other 2 have AR tests to take, I’d say teachers to meet, but their teachers from last year are moving with their classes. Yay!!

Pickles and JBoy both rocked the summer reading program and collected their prizes and read a bunch of good books so win, win.

Till next time,

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