Quilting problems

I thought I’d have a quilt top done today, as I got to sew all day. At least until the spots, halos, tunnel vision drove me downstairs to find some Motrin. All the precursors of a massive headache. Woot… not. But Motrin and a few minutes of dark silence and crisis adverted. But I still didn’t get the top done… I spent tons of quality time with Jack, both of them.

For some reason, it just wasn’t clicking along today. Pieces sewn backward, or not lined up quite right. Doesn’t help that I sewed part of it together that probably shouldn’t have been sewn together, yet. So let’s make this as difficult as possible. Check. It is coming together, slowly. And I hope nobody ever looks at the back, which is not pretty.. not pretty at all. But with batting and backing, nobody will ever see the back. So here’s what I have so far,

That big triangle piece, yep, that one gave me fits. Backward, twice. And three times on the other side. Grrrr.

The angles aren’t bad, thanks to using the template and not trying to measure the angles, so now it’s just a matter of putting them in the right position before sewing. Position twice, sew once. Tomorrow I’ll remember that little tidbit.

Five, five more pieces to sew, then the top will be done. But that’s after I take apart the last one I sewed on, it too is backward. Thankfully tomorrow is a new day.

Till next time,

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