Got it

With shades of ”I will survive ”, running through my head, my quilt top is done, done, DONE!! I am so stoked! Now all I have to do is back and quilt it. It’ll be a nice addition to the living room, I do believe.

Take 47, I’m gonna have to get a new seam ripper, poor Jack will be quite worn out before I get this one done.

This way!!

It’s amazing what happens when you check your placement 15 times before sewing.

How ’bout that, slick as snot.

Back is still not pretty, but I’ll get there, someday. Just not today.

Tada!!! Done. And I think I like the color placement.

Just another look…

However, with that one done and my gifting quilt on the cutting table, I have a serious question, hopefully, someone with more experience can answer and maybe another newbie quilter won’t have to ask.

My current quilt is not of my design and I’ve never signed a quilt, but I’m told I really should. So my question is, how do you sign a quilt you didn’t design? Do you totally cut out the designer? (which just doesn’t seem right to me. ) or give the name of the quilt, designed by________, made by_____? And if you send your quilt out to be longarmed, do you put, quilted by____? So many questions, if you dear reader happen to know the answer, do chime in and leave a comment below. Cause inquiring minds and all that.

That’s all for now, till next time

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