Thursdays are for sewing

At least at the Crazy house. After running Snowflake to and fro football workouts, torturing the younger boys with what I call homework, math worksheets, spelling, which is really just handwriting practice. For JBoy at least his ability to play with the electronics is tied to how neat he writes, (yes, yes I bribe the boys and without shame, its a time-honored tradition.) Last year we had a problem with handwriting, JBoy doesn’t like to write, and what he doesn’t like he doesn’t do, at least not happily or well. So we’ve been practicing all summer. With the reward of video games if he does a good job. I’m hoping the more he practices it’ll become a habit to write neatly. I hope, fingers crossed. Pickles is currently banned from electronic devices until hell freezes over or he moves out, whichever comes first. But that is a story for another day. When thinking about it doesn’t piss me off.

Talk about sidetracked, sheesh, sewing, I was gonna tell y’all about sewing. So after all the morning stuff that’s required, I took Pickles upstairs with me (part of the story for another day) left the other two down here to play video games until they puke or its time to shut down.

I’m making a modern quilt, designed by Allison Glass, its been a challenge, I had to pull Jack out, not Jack Jr, but Jack! Jack and I spent some quality time together this afternoon. Then, all of a sudden, as it normally happens, it clicked and the pattern went together like it was supposed to like butter it was. We’ll see if I like the color wise when it’s all together.

What happens when you read the directions, think you have it, but don’t.

After re-reading the directions, twice, all cut and laid out in a pleasing manner.

All sewn together, after spending some real quality time with Jack.

I think I’m gonna like this one. My very first modern quilt but that’s really not saying much. It’s also only the 4th quilt I’ve made, well, I made a couple of panel quilts. But real live quilts, 4. Some placemats, a table runner. Thanks, girls, that’s how I got my start, my girls started having babies! I wanted something that meant something, nothing like a quilt. If I’d listened to my mom, who’s been quilting for a really long time, I’d of started quilting a while ago. (damnit)

My girls, Bug on the left, Biddy on the right. Aren’t they beautiful? I sure think so.

The Bug’s youngest daughter, Moe. And for whom I stepped into the quilting craze for.

Moe’s quilt.

The Bug’s other daughters, Aud on the left. Monkey on the right. They are adorable. I love them much.

The monkey’s quilt, at least my first attempt at a quilt.

Miss G, (on the left) rounds out the Bug’s girls as the oldest. She is brilliant! So much fun to talk to.
Miss G’s quilt

The girls are sitting on my second quilt, made for the cutie on the left. The Bug’s besties baby girl.

On to the Biddy’s baby boy… BooBoo! Talk about a chunk! Hims is a chunky monkey.

BooBoo’s quilt

So now I owe Aud a quilt. Now that will be a fun one to make, as she is a funny, smart, opinionated, Star Wars loving kind of girl.

This certainly turned into a long post, sorry ’bout that. I could talk to a brick wall some days. Guess this is one of those days.

Till next time,

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