Thoughts for the day

My chores are all done, dinners in the oven so I thought I’d sneak over and see what y’all were up too, I keep running out of hours, but I’m getting a fair amount done at least sewing wise. I got the quilt I was working on allllllll done!! Woot woot, my first attempt at real live free motion quilting. Up until now, I have always done straight line quilting. Which fortunately went with the quilts I was making. (Funny how that works) But I can’t show y’all because it’s a gift and the gifted hasn’t seen it yet. I can hardly wait!! On to the next quilt which will also be a gift. I’m pretty sure this one is gonna stretch my skills. As I’m a jump in with both feet kinda person, it’ll be either a huge success or an epic failure. Keep your fingers crossed. 😉

I can’t get the stencils to work. On to free motion quilting.

Free motion detail.

Straight line quilting. It works.

The only reason I got so much done was the Mr. took all the boys off for a fishing weekend. All involved had a blast and caught lots of fish. I have to say as much as I missed all my boys, them being gone was restful. Nothing but the hum of my sewing machine and my dogs, (and The Property Brothers ).

Mekka and Loki, my little doggies.

The JBoy caught a huge black drum.

The Mr.’s very nice speckled trout.

But now I’m playing catch up, the boys left Friday morning, so when I got up I went directly upstairs to sew, no cleaning, no laundry, so I’ve been spending some quality time in the laundry room and with my dust cloth. So worth it.

That’s all for now, till next time,

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