Quilt Guild

Would y’all believe I joined a guild? Well, I did, I did join a guild. Today was my first meeting. It was loads of fun. They do a lot of charity quilts, mostly it seems for Ascenion Parish DCFS, which you know is near and dear to my heart, well, not Ascenion Parish per se, but DCFS in general. So I’m all over that! It’ll be nice to have something to do with all these quilts I’m planning on making 😉 after the kids and the neighbors get the ones on the wall for them. But any-who, back to the guild.

We had a demonstration on the row by row they’re doing, I learn a new way to trim up half square triangles, which I thought was really cool. I’ll show y’all later. What’s the saying, watch one, do one, teach one? I found out that the regional guild does workshops called POEs, pursuit of excellence, where you learn tips,trick and different blocks. Oh, and a guild in France wants to do a block exchange and maybe come visit. How cool would that be?

The lotto blocks were sweet!! Even with Pickles drawing the names I didn’t get one… but now that I know how to do the card trick block, I can make one. So win, win.

Aren’t they cool, and so cheerful. Let me tell you what these ladies can sew! It was fun watching the sew and tell part of the meeting. See the different quilts. We also had a prize winning quilt, it is amazing I’ll show it here in a minute. Also shown was a quilt made by an 8 year old boy, he did an amazing job and he pick the best name for it.

The prize winner, isn’t it stunning?
A cute little frog, when filled with poly pills, it’s cool to lay on.

A fun quilt for a grand baby
Aren’t the colors great on this one? One of my favorites
Another one of my favorites, it’s on my list to make. And why I’m keeping scraps.
20 green fat quarters to make this one.

This is the sewn up by the 8yr old, Abstract Fences, is what he’s calling it. Nailed it dontch think?
What I got at the white elephant sale, Score!!

And with that… I think I’ll go sew.

Till next time,

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