Yay for sewing

Yay!! I finally got to spend some time in my sewing room. Pickles is off on an adventure and having the time of his life, game rooms are involved, a boys dream. Snowflake and JBoy have been bonding over a really dumb game, uh, a game with crappy music.. Minecraft but they like it. My laundry is all done, so off to my room I went! So I’ve knocked out a few blocks.

I joined a quilt guild and they had a couple of blocks to do. The card trick block for a lottery quilt. The rules? Brights.. so off and running with that! I llooovvvvveee brights. Also a signature block, talk about easy peasy, it was all cut out so all I had to do with that one was sew it together.

Card Trick, Click the picture for Jenny’s tutorial.

Card Trick Block, click the picture for Jenny’s tutorial

I’m pretty happy with the way all the blocks came out. I think I’d like to make a whole quilt outta the card trick block. It was a fun little block to do. Thanks to Jenny at Missouri Star Quilting for the tutorial on that block.

I also decided to join a quilt challenge, like I don’t have enough on my design wall. But it looked intriguing. I’ve never done a medallion quilt before. So here goes.. the name of the challenge is, Choose Your Own Adventure Quilt Along and it’s run by Moda Bake Shop. They have path A or B, you choose which path you’d like to take. The new path A’s come out on Mondays and path B’s on Wednesdays. Along with what the call a Sunday Social. (Of course I’m behind, but there are no time cops … yet) I’ve only done (mostly) the medallion center, for that I chose path A, the Dresden Peak. Very cool, and I got to use my invisible thread, always a plus. Then I think I’ll go with path B for the boarder with the cornerstones. Then we’ll see from there.

Wanna join the challenge? Click the picture to go see for yourself.

The Mr. is planning another fishing trip, do y’all think he’ll take all the boys? Hmmm, the sewing I could do.

Till next time,

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