It must be said, I hate doing laundry. Well mostly hate doing laundry, I don’t really mind the washing and drying of it, it’s the folding and putting away part that I hate. Matching socks, collecting the stuff outta the pockets, (I absolutely do not check pockets) if it goes through the washer and dryer, it’s mine. I have a drawer full of stuff from the dryer. Money? Yes, it’s like a tip.

But mostly it’s just never ending.. it’s not like cleaning the baseboards.. you clean them, TADA, done… till next month! But not laundry.. get it all done, bam, that night more laundry, if you have kids… you have doubled your laundry problems.

Well to combat the whole laundry problem I do laundry Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Yes, yes I know, but…. it doesn’t take as long to do, I don’t feel buried under a mountain of clothes. The other thing I did.. told Snowflake he was responsible for his own laundry. And then stick to it, if he doesn’t do it and doesn’t have clean clothes to wear, too bad! It’s on him.

I also only give the boys 1… yes O. N. E. towel. They get washed on laundry days, as long as they’re hung up on the hooks. Same with their dirty clothes, if they’re in the basket, they get washed, I won’t to go hunt them down, either they’re in there or not. Done.

They upside to all this? They’ll be in the habit of picking their clothes up. They will all know how to do laundry. It’s a win win, for me now and for them (hopefully) down the road.

The other thing I did was decorate my laundry room it makes me want to keep it picked up and neat, which in this case means keeping the laundry up. That way I don’t mind spending time in there.

I do a fair amount of ironing and as you can see my laundry room isn’t very wide. So I hung the ironing board on the wall.

With the ironing board up.

On the top, reminders that I like have machines to do laundry. 😉

Simple and practical too.

The boxes you see on the folding table, Socks, the unmatched socks. The left hand box is Pickles’ box, the middle is Snowflakes and the last is JBoys. Then when I have a few minutes I pick a box and see what can be mated. I love those little signs about the socks.. with the clothes pins… you know the ones I mean.

Wanna make this cute sign, click the picture.

Yes, like this one. They are so cute.. but our sock defect by the dozens…to where? Socklanda, where they are happy and carefree all the days. I wish they’d take their mates, but ,nope, they never do. Which is why I need the boxes. I used to just throw them in a laundry basket, but we’re back to the buried feeling. My way is easy and their already sorted to, pick a kid. (Or a Mr. whose box you can’t see, I like odd numbers.)

But there is the secret to keeping up with the laundry, don’t let it pile up, have a fun, cute,inspiring place to do it. I do the same with the ironing, also done on laundry days, except Fridays when I do the bedding and clean the whole house

Till next time

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