They predicted thunderstorms on the 4th of July here, so in their ultimate wisdom, the people in the know, rescheduled the fireworks show here, (and didn’t they do a good job!). So off we went, we were late enough to miss Li Wayne, (The Mr. is not enthusiastic about rap.) but did get there in time for “Same Ole 2Step” whom I liked, Zydeco was their music. I loved watching the people get up and dance.


It was really fun, the boys ran around like loons, Snowflake squired his girl around the square. We sat and watched the dancing and generally people watched.

Then it was time for the fireworks!! Now I just love fireworks, the noise, the smoke, the fantastic light show. And I have to say, they did it up right! It was prettier than on tv the other night, so I’m glad I dragged the Mr. out.

That’s about it for today, I’m hoping to get into my sewing room today for a bit! Other than that I think it’ll be a typical lazy Sunday today.

Till next time

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