Boys, boys and a full fry.

Both of the younger boys had friends stay over last night a first for both, but they’ve never asked to have friends over. I guess this means that they’re growing up. So after not finding the tent.. I still don’t know where that damn thing is. Oh well..moving on. We decided that Pickles and his friend would sleep in the living room where they could watch movies all night. (The friend didn’t make it past the first movie. 😉). JBoy and his friend would sleep in the boys room, Friend in the bed, he’s the guest, and The Boy on his little flip out couch. They slept in till almost 8am!! I am shocked,

Last nights pizza and wings.

This morning rolls around, Pickles and his friend are up at 6:30, I was so hoping to sleep in just a little but it was not to be,

They were allll up, #1 Friend is the only smart one of the whole bunch!

So the coffee is on

Ummm… smell that?

And a full fry is all ready to be served, at least as soon as The Mr. gets home from his game

Biscuits and Gravy, Hash Browns and Cheesey Eggs

And now I have some happy boys

Happy full boys, the other 2 escaped my picture taking moment. Fast little people, they are.

A morning in the life… 😍

Till next time

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