A Fun Fruit Post

The Mr. and the boys went on a fishing trip a couple of weeks ago, down at Mr. Mike’s camp. What does that have to do with fun fruit, you may ask. Well, Mr Mike had an amazing tool that the boys were just fascinated by,

Who knew they made a pineapple peeler and why didn’t I think it up? We love pineapple, I hate cutting it up. You get all those little sharp pointy deals, they’re just a pain to peel.

I’m here to tell you this little thing works, no more pain or wasted sweet deliciousness. Not to mention it’s way easy and looks fun.

He’s such a good sport, my Mr. is! But to tell you the truth he does really know he’s the star of the the blog today. 😘 hiya, honey!

There’s my easy, fun fruit post, now we’ll be able to have pineapple way more.

Update: Want your own?

Here’s the link,


You’re welcome.

Till next time,

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