Sewing Sundays

Sewing on Sundays is starting to be normal around the Crazy house but it’s the time all week I’ve gotten to sew, so I made the most of it. As a change of pace I thought if work on the quilt challenge for a bit. I’m so behind, it’s a really good thing there’s no time limit, the challenge will be forever on Moda’s website.

Ice coffee and the start of 4 patches.

Look at all those 2 patches.

Nest those seams

Not to bad, now to sew them all together, add the cornerstones and on to the next.

I should’ve taken pictures of the making of the cornerstone block, I’ve never done a tulip block, but once I got the pieces cut to the correct size, (I have no idea how all the pieces were to big.), laid out in the correct layout, it went together with nary a problem.

I think it’s gonna go together pretty nicely. I’ll have to see what the next blocks are.

So far, fun, fun, fun challenge! And a great way to use the fat quarter bundle I got from Connecting Threads. Let me tell you, so far anyway, I’ve loved everything I’ve gotten from them.

This week will be semi-insane, Snowflake has two-a-days, Freshman Orientation and a lock-in. The other 2 have AR tests to take, I’d say teachers to meet, but their teachers from last year are moving with their classes. Yay!!

Pickles and JBoy both rocked the summer reading program and collected their prizes and read a bunch of good books so win, win.

Till next time,

How ’bout soup

It’s 400 degrees here, this is our melt your face part of summer. And, baby, it’s hot. So what do I wanna eat? Soup, soup and salad. It’s light, (mostly), filling, and most importantly the boys all like it. So on that note, I thought I would share how I make Corn and Crab Bisque, its not really what I would call a light soup, but we love it. Not to mention its pretty easy to make.

3 TBS of butter

3/4 cup onion, chopped

1 32 oz box of chicken broth

3 tsp garlic

1-2 bay leaves

1/2 – 1 tsp cayenne pepper

1-2 tsp cajun seasoning

1 pkg frozen corn, (fresh corn, 3-4 cobs, cut the corn off)

1/2 cup half and half

2 TBS cornstarch (or flour)

1/2 cup milk

1lbs crab meat, (fresh lump crab meat tastes the best)

Melt butter in a heavy pot, I use my 4 qt pot, dump the chopped onion in cook till tender and clear

Pour in chicken stock

Add all seasonings, bring to a boil

Add corn, lower heat let simmer for a bit, about 10 minutes.

Cull out a cup of the soup, let it cool for about 5 minutes or so. Take that cup and run it through a food processor or blender

Add half and half, set aside

Take your 1/2 cup of milk and add cornstarch (or flour) mix till well blended.

Pour into simmering soup (to thicken) Stir constantly, let cook a few minutes, keep stirring.

Pour in blended mixture

Add crab, lower heat to low, cook until crab is hot.

Serve hot, with crusty bread and a salad.

See, easy enough for a weeknight and it only takes 1/2 hour, 45 minutes to make. You can make it spicy enough to clean your sinuses, just use the whole tsp of cayenne pepper. I have found 1/2 a tsp is enough to give it a bite, but not enough to make you cry. I use whatever Cajon seasoning I have on hand, but I like either Tony Chachere’s or Slap Your Momma’s.

That’s all for now, till next time

Got it

With shades of ”I will survive ”, running through my head, my quilt top is done, done, DONE!! I am so stoked! Now all I have to do is back and quilt it. It’ll be a nice addition to the living room, I do believe.

Take 47, I’m gonna have to get a new seam ripper, poor Jack will be quite worn out before I get this one done.

This way!!

It’s amazing what happens when you check your placement 15 times before sewing.

How ’bout that, slick as snot.

Back is still not pretty, but I’ll get there, someday. Just not today.

Tada!!! Done. And I think I like the color placement.

Just another look…

However, with that one done and my gifting quilt on the cutting table, I have a serious question, hopefully, someone with more experience can answer and maybe another newbie quilter won’t have to ask.

My current quilt is not of my design and I’ve never signed a quilt, but I’m told I really should. So my question is, how do you sign a quilt you didn’t design? Do you totally cut out the designer? (which just doesn’t seem right to me. ) or give the name of the quilt, designed by________, made by_____? And if you send your quilt out to be longarmed, do you put, quilted by____? So many questions, if you dear reader happen to know the answer, do chime in and leave a comment below. Cause inquiring minds and all that.

That’s all for now, till next time

Quilting problems

I thought I’d have a quilt top done today, as I got to sew all day. At least until the spots, halos, tunnel vision drove me downstairs to find some Motrin. All the precursors of a massive headache. Woot… not. But Motrin and a few minutes of dark silence and crisis adverted. But I still didn’t get the top done… I spent tons of quality time with Jack, both of them.

For some reason, it just wasn’t clicking along today. Pieces sewn backward, or not lined up quite right. Doesn’t help that I sewed part of it together that probably shouldn’t have been sewn together, yet. So let’s make this as difficult as possible. Check. It is coming together, slowly. And I hope nobody ever looks at the back, which is not pretty.. not pretty at all. But with batting and backing, nobody will ever see the back. So here’s what I have so far,

That big triangle piece, yep, that one gave me fits. Backward, twice. And three times on the other side. Grrrr.

The angles aren’t bad, thanks to using the template and not trying to measure the angles, so now it’s just a matter of putting them in the right position before sewing. Position twice, sew once. Tomorrow I’ll remember that little tidbit.

Five, five more pieces to sew, then the top will be done. But that’s after I take apart the last one I sewed on, it too is backward. Thankfully tomorrow is a new day.

Till next time,

Thoughts for the day

My chores are all done, dinners in the oven so I thought I’d sneak over and see what y’all were up too, I keep running out of hours, but I’m getting a fair amount done at least sewing wise. I got the quilt I was working on allllllll done!! Woot woot, my first attempt at real live free motion quilting. Up until now, I have always done straight line quilting. Which fortunately went with the quilts I was making. (Funny how that works) But I can’t show y’all because it’s a gift and the gifted hasn’t seen it yet. I can hardly wait!! On to the next quilt which will also be a gift. I’m pretty sure this one is gonna stretch my skills. As I’m a jump in with both feet kinda person, it’ll be either a huge success or an epic failure. Keep your fingers crossed. 😉

I can’t get the stencils to work. On to free motion quilting.

Free motion detail.

Straight line quilting. It works.

The only reason I got so much done was the Mr. took all the boys off for a fishing weekend. All involved had a blast and caught lots of fish. I have to say as much as I missed all my boys, them being gone was restful. Nothing but the hum of my sewing machine and my dogs, (and The Property Brothers ).

Mekka and Loki, my little doggies.

The JBoy caught a huge black drum.

The Mr.’s very nice speckled trout.

But now I’m playing catch up, the boys left Friday morning, so when I got up I went directly upstairs to sew, no cleaning, no laundry, so I’ve been spending some quality time in the laundry room and with my dust cloth. So worth it.

That’s all for now, till next time,

Quilt Guild

Would y’all believe I joined a guild? Well, I did, I did join a guild. Today was my first meeting. It was loads of fun. They do a lot of charity quilts, mostly it seems for Ascenion Parish DCFS, which you know is near and dear to my heart, well, not Ascenion Parish per se, but DCFS in general. So I’m all over that! It’ll be nice to have something to do with all these quilts I’m planning on making 😉 after the kids and the neighbors get the ones on the wall for them. But any-who, back to the guild.

We had a demonstration on the row by row they’re doing, I learn a new way to trim up half square triangles, which I thought was really cool. I’ll show y’all later. What’s the saying, watch one, do one, teach one? I found out that the regional guild does workshops called POEs, pursuit of excellence, where you learn tips,trick and different blocks. Oh, and a guild in France wants to do a block exchange and maybe come visit. How cool would that be?

The lotto blocks were sweet!! Even with Pickles drawing the names I didn’t get one… but now that I know how to do the card trick block, I can make one. So win, win.

Aren’t they cool, and so cheerful. Let me tell you what these ladies can sew! It was fun watching the sew and tell part of the meeting. See the different quilts. We also had a prize winning quilt, it is amazing I’ll show it here in a minute. Also shown was a quilt made by an 8 year old boy, he did an amazing job and he pick the best name for it.

The prize winner, isn’t it stunning?
A cute little frog, when filled with poly pills, it’s cool to lay on.

A fun quilt for a grand baby
Aren’t the colors great on this one? One of my favorites
Another one of my favorites, it’s on my list to make. And why I’m keeping scraps.
20 green fat quarters to make this one.

This is the sewn up by the 8yr old, Abstract Fences, is what he’s calling it. Nailed it dontch think?
What I got at the white elephant sale, Score!!

And with that… I think I’ll go sew.

Till next time,


It must be said, I hate doing laundry. Well mostly hate doing laundry, I don’t really mind the washing and drying of it, it’s the folding and putting away part that I hate. Matching socks, collecting the stuff outta the pockets, (I absolutely do not check pockets) if it goes through the washer and dryer, it’s mine. I have a drawer full of stuff from the dryer. Money? Yes, it’s like a tip.

But mostly it’s just never ending.. it’s not like cleaning the baseboards.. you clean them, TADA, done… till next month! But not laundry.. get it all done, bam, that night more laundry, if you have kids… you have doubled your laundry problems.

Well to combat the whole laundry problem I do laundry Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Yes, yes I know, but…. it doesn’t take as long to do, I don’t feel buried under a mountain of clothes. The other thing I did.. told Snowflake he was responsible for his own laundry. And then stick to it, if he doesn’t do it and doesn’t have clean clothes to wear, too bad! It’s on him.

I also only give the boys 1… yes O. N. E. towel. They get washed on laundry days, as long as they’re hung up on the hooks. Same with their dirty clothes, if they’re in the basket, they get washed, I won’t to go hunt them down, either they’re in there or not. Done.

They upside to all this? They’ll be in the habit of picking their clothes up. They will all know how to do laundry. It’s a win win, for me now and for them (hopefully) down the road.

The other thing I did was decorate my laundry room it makes me want to keep it picked up and neat, which in this case means keeping the laundry up. That way I don’t mind spending time in there.

I do a fair amount of ironing and as you can see my laundry room isn’t very wide. So I hung the ironing board on the wall.

With the ironing board up.

On the top, reminders that I like have machines to do laundry. 😉

Simple and practical too.

The boxes you see on the folding table, Socks, the unmatched socks. The left hand box is Pickles’ box, the middle is Snowflakes and the last is JBoys. Then when I have a few minutes I pick a box and see what can be mated. I love those little signs about the socks.. with the clothes pins… you know the ones I mean.

Wanna make this cute sign, click the picture.

Yes, like this one. They are so cute.. but our sock defect by the dozens…to where? Socklanda, where they are happy and carefree all the days. I wish they’d take their mates, but ,nope, they never do. Which is why I need the boxes. I used to just throw them in a laundry basket, but we’re back to the buried feeling. My way is easy and their already sorted to, pick a kid. (Or a Mr. whose box you can’t see, I like odd numbers.)

But there is the secret to keeping up with the laundry, don’t let it pile up, have a fun, cute,inspiring place to do it. I do the same with the ironing, also done on laundry days, except Fridays when I do the bedding and clean the whole house

Till next time

Yay for sewing

Yay!! I finally got to spend some time in my sewing room. Pickles is off on an adventure and having the time of his life, game rooms are involved, a boys dream. Snowflake and JBoy have been bonding over a really dumb game, uh, a game with crappy music.. Minecraft but they like it. My laundry is all done, so off to my room I went! So I’ve knocked out a few blocks.

I joined a quilt guild and they had a couple of blocks to do. The card trick block for a lottery quilt. The rules? Brights.. so off and running with that! I llooovvvvveee brights. Also a signature block, talk about easy peasy, it was all cut out so all I had to do with that one was sew it together.

Card Trick, Click the picture for Jenny’s tutorial.

Card Trick Block, click the picture for Jenny’s tutorial

I’m pretty happy with the way all the blocks came out. I think I’d like to make a whole quilt outta the card trick block. It was a fun little block to do. Thanks to Jenny at Missouri Star Quilting for the tutorial on that block.

I also decided to join a quilt challenge, like I don’t have enough on my design wall. But it looked intriguing. I’ve never done a medallion quilt before. So here goes.. the name of the challenge is, Choose Your Own Adventure Quilt Along and it’s run by Moda Bake Shop. They have path A or B, you choose which path you’d like to take. The new path A’s come out on Mondays and path B’s on Wednesdays. Along with what the call a Sunday Social. (Of course I’m behind, but there are no time cops … yet) I’ve only done (mostly) the medallion center, for that I chose path A, the Dresden Peak. Very cool, and I got to use my invisible thread, always a plus. Then I think I’ll go with path B for the boarder with the cornerstones. Then we’ll see from there.

Wanna join the challenge? Click the picture to go see for yourself.

The Mr. is planning another fishing trip, do y’all think he’ll take all the boys? Hmmm, the sewing I could do.

Till next time,


They predicted thunderstorms on the 4th of July here, so in their ultimate wisdom, the people in the know, rescheduled the fireworks show here, (and didn’t they do a good job!). So off we went, we were late enough to miss Li Wayne, (The Mr. is not enthusiastic about rap.) but did get there in time for “Same Ole 2Step” whom I liked, Zydeco was their music. I loved watching the people get up and dance.


It was really fun, the boys ran around like loons, Snowflake squired his girl around the square. We sat and watched the dancing and generally people watched.

Then it was time for the fireworks!! Now I just love fireworks, the noise, the smoke, the fantastic light show. And I have to say, they did it up right! It was prettier than on tv the other night, so I’m glad I dragged the Mr. out.

That’s about it for today, I’m hoping to get into my sewing room today for a bit! Other than that I think it’ll be a typical lazy Sunday today.

Till next time