Well, mini-vacation for the boys and I… we lounged at the beach, frolicked in the gulf all while the Mr. toiled in meeting after meeting. Not to mention the golf tournament, the dinners… you just have to love industrial related conferences that are family oriented. This one I thought was best with its casino night with kid friendly games too. Air hockey, a couple of arcade games, face painting and photo booth. Much fun was had by all.

Da little boys playing in the surf

My Mr.

I have to say I just love the Emerald Coast, the colors are amazing. The water was warm and crystal clear, the boys and I saw schools of lady fish, a stingray, some kind of baby fish hanging out under the seaweed.

The view from our room, aren’t those colors amazing.

Not only is the beach cool, but some of the views from the trip over, it’s only about 4 hours or so, a pretty quick little trip.

Normal traffic on 12!

Through the bayou

Storms ahead

Now it’s back to reality, dinners to make, laundry to do not to mention that after not really sleeping well, running around like crazy and sleeping in a Petri dish (the Mr.’s words) my Mr is sick, with all that entails. 😉

There’s no place like home!

Till next time

Mrs. Crazy

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