Proposals and Quilts

Today started out like any other Saturday… The Mr. off golfing, the boys and I sleeping in. I love Saturday, no pressure to do anything we don’t wanna do. Saturday’s are fabulous. On to the real story on this Saturday. The Mr. had a great game, Pickles slept in, Jboy was still on his adventure, Snowflake was still sleeping, so far so good. The Mr. comes home mows the grass, I start the laundry, walk into our bathroom look on the counter and see…..

Can you say… Awww? My heart melted, so needless to say I hunted my Mr. down and jumped into his arms, slapped him with a big kiss and of coarse another yes! So here’s to another 30 years together.

After much sloppiness and googoo eyes I went off to sew, with the kiddos home for the summer I don’t get to spend as much time in the sewing room as I’d like, so I take the opportunity to sew when I can get it! I have a couple of thing that I’m working on currently.

This is the Pleiades quilt challenge, design by Gina Perks. The biggest quilt I’ve ever made. I had tons of fun doing this challenge, learned tons. Like Flying Geese and how to follow someone else’s design. It started as a lap sized quilt, ( in my mind) I was going to do one side blue and one side orange. Welllll, the Biddy Girl saw it and decided she had to have it, but could I make it big enough for their bed and leave all the blocks on one side. Well, sure, no problem. Now that puppy is 115″ by 110″. It is way bigger than my poor little design wall. All I have left on this one is the outside boarder, backing, quilting and binding, whew, sounds like a lot, uh. But not really now that I have all together in my head.

This one is a appliqué deal I’m working on. Just let me say invisible thread is flipping amazing!! Now the appliqué will be stitched down but the emphasis will be on the pattern and (hopefully) the quilting. Keep your fingers crossed on that one. This one is going to be fun to quilt and I’m going to quilt it on my frame.

Let me tell y’all how much fun this has been!! Oh my, it’s been amazing, a big learning curve. Huge learning curve, if you want the truth. But it’s been so worth it. I had a hard time free motion quilting trying to move the quilt around my little machine. Straight line quilting is great on my machine. But I couldn’t find my mojo for free motion. Sad.. sad I know, I did have better luck with the Flynn frame but for big quilts… not so much. This frame by Ken Lund was just the ticket. The only thing I’m not crazy about is the handle on the carriage, but that’s probably user error as much as anything else, but we’ll see.

On that note, I’m off. Have a great rest of your weekend.

Till next time

Mrs. Crazy

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