Cleaning stainless steel

The other day the Biddy Girl, (who is now married and a mother! Can you believe it?) called me and said… “Mom, how do you clean stainless steel?” And sent me pictures of her new to her refrigerator (of course it’s stainless steel) it’s got water marks all down the front and looks pretty crappy. So needless to say I told her how I clean mine…

It’s a really simple thing, only uses one thing that y’all probably have in your pantry…

Oil, plain old oil,

Now normally I use olive oil, but for some strange reason I had none, I have no idea why. But anywho, so I needed to clean mine any way so I thought I’d share.

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. Just wipe it on with the grain of your steel, mine is sideways, so back-n-forth for me, using a paper towel,you might have to scrub a bit, I know I always have to. (Boys!) then buff it off with a clean soft cloth, I use old tee shirts for that.

That’s it… all clean and shiny. The oil help it resist finger prints and such. I find it to be much easier and greener than the stainless steel cleaners out there which are mostly oil anyway.

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