Try it again

I’m thinking of trying the blog deal again, I’ve been thinking in blog post for the last few weeks and thinking about how and what to write about.

I love all things crafty, DIYing and making a home. I’m really not into the whole fashion thing… unless you like tee shirts and shorts, I am in Southern Louisiana.. where shorts are a must.  I don’t wear makeup as a rule, so if you looking for that kind of thing… keep looking. (But might I suggest Kate, over at, Kate is into all the fashion, makeup and hair stuff! ) But that said, if you’re looking for crafty, sewing, cleaning, cooking or what I do with my boys… all wrapped up with somewhat of a warped sense of humor and a bit of sarcasm then you’ve probably come to the place.

Come on in, be at home. Grab a glass of ice tea or join me with with some ice coffee, check out my latest project, drop me a comment or a suggestion and we’ll see just how it all goes.

Till next time,

Mrs. Crazy

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