It’s a bathroom kinda day

Since it’s Friday, my normal clean house day. I thought I’d have a show and tell post about cleaning bathrooms, well toilets, but they’re in the bathroom. Unless of course you still have an outhouse, then my friend, you are on you’re own.

First off I start with my favorite bathroom cleaner… and oh my .. it’s fantastic. It cleans everything in there. It won’t kill you to smell it, you don’t have to wear gloves, won’t leave little white spots on your clothes, it’s great. Without further ado.. Mrs. Myers and vinegar. Yep, that’s it. I use about a 1/4 of a spray bottle of Mrs. Myers and fill it up the rest of the way with vinegar.

If you have a weak stomach… I’d look away for a minute or two.

See, gross hadn’t been cleaned since the last time I did it.

So this is the result of telling Snowflake that he is responsible for cleaning his own bathroom. The bathroom that only he uses, but since it’s perfect for this post I’ll let him slide today.

All you gotta do is spray everywhere you want clean… easy enough, am I right? Then let the spray sit there, I let it sit on Snowflake’s bathroom a couple of hours, cuz gross. When the couple of hours was up, (laundry and such) I went back upstairs and scrubbed a bit, but not real hard with the scrubby side of blue sponge, TADA…. Clean!!

TADA, Clean!!

On to the toilet part of the post, and OMG!!! I was flipping amazed!!! Something I saw on Pinterest actually worked!! I’ll tell y’all the saga of the glass showers doors another time. All I know is this actually worked!! But of course I didn’t pin it, and now I can’t find the post, so if y’all know who or where…. I so wanna thank the poster!! Cuz it worked. Let me tell y’all what it was that worked, you know that ring you get in your toilet from hard water? Well, I know how to get rid of it and with what. Because I can sure tell you what doesn’t work, bleach, soft scrub, comet, that blue acid stuff, nothing. I had given up and was pretty prepared to just live with the ring. Then on Pinterest at 2 o’clock in the morning, (no I couldn’t sleep, damnit) I found the post that changed all my ringed toilets. Using stuff I already had. See glass shower door post soon.

The 2 things you need are, drywall sandpaper and Bar Keepers Friend. Although I discovered you really don’t need the Bar Keepers. Took under 5 minuets, I was so impressed! I have the pictures to prove it. I cleaned 4 toilets just to make sure it wasn’t a fluke.

See the ring? Nasty, nasty ring. Spray with the amazing cleaner first, cuz gross Snowflake bathroom.

Bar Keepers and the drywall screen, sandpaper. Small grit 120 is what this one is.

CHECK THIS OUT!! Is this flipping amazing or what?!

See the wannabe ring, the tub doesn’t drain quite right so the water just sits there, so the ring

Ok, so it’s better, not great. But better maybe if I do it again. But not today. I still psyched that it worked on the toilets

That’s it, that’s all, do try it I bet it’ll work for y’all too. But if it doesn’t see the glass shower door post soon.

Oh, by the by… here’s the link to the drywall sandpaper


Home Depot


Till next time…

Mrs. Crazy


Well, mini-vacation for the boys and I… we lounged at the beach, frolicked in the gulf all while the Mr. toiled in meeting after meeting. Not to mention the golf tournament, the dinners… you just have to love industrial related conferences that are family oriented. This one I thought was best with its casino night with kid friendly games too. Air hockey, a couple of arcade games, face painting and photo booth. Much fun was had by all.

Da little boys playing in the surf

My Mr.

I have to say I just love the Emerald Coast, the colors are amazing. The water was warm and crystal clear, the boys and I saw schools of lady fish, a stingray, some kind of baby fish hanging out under the seaweed.

The view from our room, aren’t those colors amazing.

Not only is the beach cool, but some of the views from the trip over, it’s only about 4 hours or so, a pretty quick little trip.

Normal traffic on 12!

Through the bayou

Storms ahead

Now it’s back to reality, dinners to make, laundry to do not to mention that after not really sleeping well, running around like crazy and sleeping in a Petri dish (the Mr.’s words) my Mr is sick, with all that entails. 😉

There’s no place like home!

Till next time

Mrs. Crazy

Proposals and Quilts

Today started out like any other Saturday… The Mr. off golfing, the boys and I sleeping in. I love Saturday, no pressure to do anything we don’t wanna do. Saturday’s are fabulous. On to the real story on this Saturday. The Mr. had a great game, Pickles slept in, Jboy was still on his adventure, Snowflake was still sleeping, so far so good. The Mr. comes home mows the grass, I start the laundry, walk into our bathroom look on the counter and see…..

Can you say… Awww? My heart melted, so needless to say I hunted my Mr. down and jumped into his arms, slapped him with a big kiss and of coarse another yes! So here’s to another 30 years together.

After much sloppiness and googoo eyes I went off to sew, with the kiddos home for the summer I don’t get to spend as much time in the sewing room as I’d like, so I take the opportunity to sew when I can get it! I have a couple of thing that I’m working on currently.

This is the Pleiades quilt challenge, design by Gina Perks. The biggest quilt I’ve ever made. I had tons of fun doing this challenge, learned tons. Like Flying Geese and how to follow someone else’s design. It started as a lap sized quilt, ( in my mind) I was going to do one side blue and one side orange. Welllll, the Biddy Girl saw it and decided she had to have it, but could I make it big enough for their bed and leave all the blocks on one side. Well, sure, no problem. Now that puppy is 115″ by 110″. It is way bigger than my poor little design wall. All I have left on this one is the outside boarder, backing, quilting and binding, whew, sounds like a lot, uh. But not really now that I have all together in my head.

This one is a appliqué deal I’m working on. Just let me say invisible thread is flipping amazing!! Now the appliqué will be stitched down but the emphasis will be on the pattern and (hopefully) the quilting. Keep your fingers crossed on that one. This one is going to be fun to quilt and I’m going to quilt it on my frame.

Let me tell y’all how much fun this has been!! Oh my, it’s been amazing, a big learning curve. Huge learning curve, if you want the truth. But it’s been so worth it. I had a hard time free motion quilting trying to move the quilt around my little machine. Straight line quilting is great on my machine. But I couldn’t find my mojo for free motion. Sad.. sad I know, I did have better luck with the Flynn frame but for big quilts… not so much. This frame by Ken Lund was just the ticket. The only thing I’m not crazy about is the handle on the carriage, but that’s probably user error as much as anything else, but we’ll see.

On that note, I’m off. Have a great rest of your weekend.

Till next time

Mrs. Crazy

Cleaning stainless steel

The other day the Biddy Girl, (who is now married and a mother! Can you believe it?) called me and said… “Mom, how do you clean stainless steel?” And sent me pictures of her new to her refrigerator (of course it’s stainless steel) it’s got water marks all down the front and looks pretty crappy. So needless to say I told her how I clean mine…

It’s a really simple thing, only uses one thing that y’all probably have in your pantry…

Oil, plain old oil,

Now normally I use olive oil, but for some strange reason I had none, I have no idea why. But anywho, so I needed to clean mine any way so I thought I’d share.

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. Just wipe it on with the grain of your steel, mine is sideways, so back-n-forth for me, using a paper towel,you might have to scrub a bit, I know I always have to. (Boys!) then buff it off with a clean soft cloth, I use old tee shirts for that.

That’s it… all clean and shiny. The oil help it resist finger prints and such. I find it to be much easier and greener than the stainless steel cleaners out there which are mostly oil anyway.

Try it again

I’m thinking of trying the blog deal again, I’ve been thinking in blog post for the last few weeks and thinking about how and what to write about.

I love all things crafty, DIYing and making a home. I’m really not into the whole fashion thing… unless you like tee shirts and shorts, I am in Southern Louisiana.. where shorts are a must.  I don’t wear makeup as a rule, so if you looking for that kind of thing… keep looking. (But might I suggest Kate, over at, Kate is into all the fashion, makeup and hair stuff! ) But that said, if you’re looking for crafty, sewing, cleaning, cooking or what I do with my boys… all wrapped up with somewhat of a warped sense of humor and a bit of sarcasm then you’ve probably come to the place.

Come on in, be at home. Grab a glass of ice tea or join me with with some ice coffee, check out my latest project, drop me a comment or a suggestion and we’ll see just how it all goes.

Till next time,

Mrs. Crazy