Countertops, Chiropractors & Kickboxing

I can’t believe it’s been almost a month since I’ve been on here, but with one thing or another the days just slip by. Then bam! a month is just gone, seems like my days just disappear. But enough of that and on to the next…

I have wanted new countertops since we moved in, I hate tile countertops, they’re hard to clean the grout just gets nasty (yes, I’m a messy cook, and The Mr. is worse.) We have lots and lots of countertops.. (love that!) So needless to say we’ve been looking and looking, I really want soapstone, that stuff is indestructible, unless you’re The Mr. who managed to melt his science class’s table, (something about the wrong chemicals) but really as long as you don’t mix the wrong chemicals on them they are great! Get a scratch or a dent? Sand it out. Well, anywho, we’ve priced out soapstone, granite and quartz, (which I also love) Soapstone  comes in at the best price, with granite and quartz running neck and neck. So without further todo… I picked….


Yep, concrete, and not even the poured in-place slab concrete. Which I’m sure The Mr. could do… if he were sure about the look. (He’s really not, but I’m sure he will be.) So I’m doing a concrete overlay. So far I’m loving it… I think when it’s all done it will kinda look like soapstone. There are tons of tutorials on how to do it. The best I came across was, Kara Paslay Design,  Simple, pretty straight forward, and they teach classes in concrete. However I didn’t follow their tutorial all the way. I used Henry Feather Finish, it’s made by the same company, Ardix, but Home Depot had it in stock. I’m also using Behr Semi-Transparent concrete stain in Dark Coal and to top it all off Behr Wet Look sealer for concrete. I found working on a tile countertop as a posed to a laminate  one, I filled in the grout lines first and let that dry, then did my first coat of the overlay. Also the messier you layers, the more sanding you’ll do. On the first layer, it was hugely sloppy! I used my fingers.. an old trowel, that left some groves in the concrete, let’s just say it was not pretty. So I sanded …. a LOT! I also used 5 layers… (mainly because The Mr. didn’t like the 4th one.) by the time I got done with the fifth one,(which he finally approved of.) I finally got the hang of putting down a smooth layer. So now it’s dried over night, sanded this morning, and the first coat of stain is down. I’m going to let that dry for the 4 hours, put the second coat on, probably let that dry over night, the seal away! So I’m in the finishing laps. I really like the way it looks, now to see if The Mr. does and if he does… the rest of the countertops will need to be done! 🙂


2015-03-09 10.57.55

This is the first layer after filling in the grout lines.

2015-03-09 13.34.27

See… messy, sloppy and needed tons of sanding! This is how not to spread concrete.












2015-03-09 09.44.51

I’m pretty sure this is the 5th layer… wet. See much better. The trick I have found is to get it down, but don’t mess with it too much. Kind of hold your trowel at maybe a 45 degree angle, and don’t go in straight lines. (it leaves lines in the concrete.)

2015-03-11 07.11.23

Much better, and didn’t take tons of sanding. Mostly just the back edge along the side by the fridge.









I’ll have pictures of the totally finished project, hopefully for Fridays post.

On to the Chiropractor portion of the days program, just let me say wow!! I feel better… and I can stand to iron all The Mr.s work clothes!! Yippieeee. A  thought on going to a Chiropractor, make sure they do X-rays first… they can’t fix you if they can see what to fix, I went to one, who didn’t do X-rays and got me on the fix-it table, ran his fingers down my back and told me I drank too much milk and had some kind of weird deficiency… I was off his table and out the door fast enough to make his head spin!

Kickboxing!! What a workout! OMG… talk about intense. I think it will become my new obsession. It’s fast pasted, you only have to compete with yourself. It’s the first workout I’ve done that I was truly sore after… muscles that I didn’t know I still had!! It is amazing!!


i love kickboxing


That all there is… there ain’t no more… well till next time. XOXO


2 thoughts on “Countertops, Chiropractors & Kickboxing

  1. How did they turn out? I’m doing this exact thing now (ardex + dark coal stain) and really eager to see results. I found the stain goes on rather blue… I’m hoping that goes away.

    • It does go on pretty blue! It does change over to a pretty dark gray just about black in a couple of three weeks. I sealed mine with 4 coats of a high gloss concrete sealer. It is very durable and I think pretty. The only thing I haven’t done to it, is set hot pans on it.

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