Changing Gears

We did take the weekend off. Took the Boyz to Family Gras, the music was great, the food was wonderful, but other than that… pretty much a bust! Not a whole lot for the kiddies to do, or see. So off to Baton Rouge we went. Caught the tail end of one parade where the Boyz raked in a fair amount of stuff… hung out at the Science Center, watched a cool movie at the planetarium, then lo and behold it was time for the next parade! Gods and Villains! Fun… Fun.. Fun! The Boyz have never been to a parade like this, They were amazed at the stuff, the floats, and all the people in masks. Nicky Baby is a bead catching fool, he’s got quick hands and an engaging smile, as he was yelling, “Hey, Mister, throw me something.” I swear the guys on the floats were throwing stuff at Cricket just to see if he’d smile. And the J-Boy… that cute littler tucker… he smiled and waved at everybody! Including the marching bands, who if not playing would wave back! It was tons of fun to watch the Boyz’s faces light up as they caught this or that.


2015-02-07 19.02.46

The King, His float is always first to kick everything off

2015-02-07 19.51.46

Orion, The first of the Hero’s!











With the bedroom mostly done and the weather wonderful and warm. I’m changing gears and thinking about outside projects. Ummm, flowers! I finally decided where to put the bakers rack that I had no room for, but love. On the back porch it went, it’s a covered porch, yay, but now it looks lonely… and sad. So it needs flowers! With the freeze dates here (OVER) I can grab my pots and some dirt… and tada bright spot on the porch. A super easy project with a lot of kick.

2015-02-10 08.26.20

See, lonely and kinda sad

But… first things first, The Biddy Girl has asked me to make a sleeve for her new Apple Air, so I guess it’s off to the craft room for me… but before or after a trip to Lowe’s? (After!)


Till next time… XOXO







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