Coming Together

It’s finally starting to come together… whew… Finally. We got some pictures hung, The Mr. still wants to re-cut the bluey-greeny color back in around the trim but it’s just little touch ups that are left in there. I still need my books in the shelves, I found a new project on Pinterest that I want to work in… when and if I get done with all the other projects that I have going on, or on the list. But… I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Finally!


2015-01-28 09.37.52

I can see the light!


Back to the mastered room hint… You’ll never believe it… Glitter, yes they make glitter for paint, I have to admit if I’d of really read the instructions on the back of the glitter I would have passed. It’s actually for the granite like paint, to give texture and a bit or more of bling to your paint treatment. However I’m here to tell you, you can add it regular paint!


2015-01-28 11.02.51

Works great in regular paint!

So what I did with it was add 2 tablespoons to 2 cups of paint, It stenciled my whole wall. It does make the paint a bit thicker, and a little more sticky…(for want of a better description) The thicker part thrilled me to know end.. because… Hey, stencils and all that. With the 2 tablespoons with gives just a touch of sparkle, but not in your face. (Picture The Mr. in a sparkly bedroom, hahahaha) Just enough to perk up the wall a bit. I used temporary spray adhesive to keep the stencil from shifting around on the wall, I have to say this is the first time I’ve used an adhesive on stencils, I can happily report it won’t be the last. It made all the difference! I re-sprayed the stencil every time I hit the top of the wall, let it get tacky and stick away! Comes right off too… I was a little worried about that part, but nope worked like a charm.

2015-01-28 11.02.42

This is the color palette I’m working with. The darkest being the furniture, 2 up for there is the walls, 1 up for that is the stencil color.

2015-01-28 11.03.09

With pops of this yellow, a little toned down from the inspiration room, but I like it… with all the taupe going on… and the pillows I made are more of a goldy yellow.


2015-01-25 11.30.00

The sparkle doesn’t really start showing till it’s dry, but trust me it’s there! I’m now thinking about painting the roller shades, the same color as the walls, with the stencil design on them.

2015-01-25 11.58.06

The temporary spray adhesive really works, I was impressed. I could not find stencil adhesive anywhere!



2015-01-28 09.26.30

So far so good! lamps, curtains, or paint the roller shades, (at least till I can find just the right material) But it’s coming together!


The dresser is my current project and the drawers are dry, so it’s time to start the silver leafing! Yes, with pictures of the whole process this time! 😉

Till next time… XOXO






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