Lots of Fun

There’s lots of fun stuff going on here at the Crazy House. Decorating, demo, building, painting, changing the countertops….. It’s a busy weekend.

The Mr. went to Home Depot and called me, “Hey, I found a better stove, the we ordered isn’t going to be here till sometime in March… (grrrr) So how about this one?” Well, let me tell you… it’s a nice stove. So yep, get it! Got it, get it home, install it and no joy, the gas pressure to the house isn’t enough to make it light! (grrrrrr) So I’ll be on the phone to the gas company Monday and I’ll bet the old stove will be back in its old home! (grrrrrr) But those are the breaks! So Monday it is… On to Demo, demo on the countertops started last night around 9pm….. while at Home Depot, The Mr. also pick up some new tile for the countertops, No, I don’t want granite… I think it’s overrated. I was kind of envisioning Soapstone… Well the tile The Mr. brought home has the soapstone feel. (How does he do that?) I can wait to see how it turns out! It’s bigger tile, with a grout that will blend in, instead of stand out. Plus he’s going to put them closer together.  Which equals smaller grout lines.

I’ve got just about all the sewing done for our bedroom make-over… Just one more pillow, a footstool to paint and re-cover, curtains. But today… today I paint! Yay! I just love to paint… 😉  And a surprise, but no hints. I’m going to see how it turns out first. Should be fun, ok… ok… one hint, It involves the stencils. There ya go… that’s your one hint.


2015-01-23 08.13.39

All the new pillows for the bed… Now all it needs is the new bed.

2015-01-23 19.19.43

Wouldn’t you know I didn’t take any before pictures… But here it is… all done!

2015-01-23 19.22.52

The footstool is next, this is pretty much what the chair looked like.

2015-01-24 09.00.13

The new tile for the countertops, I’m so excited!!



2015-01-23 20.44.10

He looks good swing a hammer! But talk about a mess, for the rest of the countertops , he’ll be replacing the plywood too.





2015-01-24 08.58.35

Done and cleaned up… needs backer board… and all the rest.




Till next time… XOXO


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