The Friday 5

So this post is from 3 Fridays ago and 2 Fridays and last Friday and finally today… Talk about changes, we made the big switch, from PC to Apple. It’s like trying to fly a new airplane. I can make a PC sing or do jumping jacks, if I so desired but Apple? I have no clue! The Biddy girl has been pretty helpful, she’s had a Mac for a few years, so she has shown me a few things. Mostly it’s that I haven’t sat down and really played with it. So many projects so little time. So playing with a new computer is low on the list. So my parents stopped by and guess what… My Dad is an Apple expert! YAY!! So he showed me how to get around, hooked up my router, so now it’s faster and less likely to make me crazy. The Mr. went ahead and moved my Dropbox to the computer instead of the external drive, so now that faster and really doesn’t make me crazy. So needless to say we’re BACK!

Happy Friday to you all! It’s a new year… woohoo for 2015! Any New Year’s resolutions? I, myself, don’t make any… I’m horrid at keeping them, and you know what they say about good intentions… so it’s better for me to make any, then I don’t feel guilty for not keeping them!

It’s been a really good, well… decent couple of weeks!  We had a big tado with Nicky Baby’s meds, I had a prescription for his adhd meds, from VA, but since it’s a controlled substance, nobody in LA would fill it. Grrrr, while I get it… people abuse it and rules are rules, it was still frustrating! So found a Dr. she had to review his records, which I had sent to me here in LA, (thank God!) and then we could set an appoint…. well…. they set one, for the 8th of Jan, 3 days after they go back to school…. And I can’t send him to school without it! It’s one thing if he’s bouncing off the walls at home, but to sic him on an unsuspecting teacher… just can’t do it! So the Mr. called and got him on New Year’s eve. I don’t what he said different, but it worked!! Yay!! Other than that it’s been pretty smooth sailing, ‘cepting the disagreement I had with the alarm system. Which was to say the least was entertaining!

We’ve changed the carpet in the boyz’s  rooms. Got a new stove that will be here in Feb. Painted walls, trim and ceiling. Whew, no wonder we’re tired! I know the Mr. looks forward to Mondays after the Honey-Do lists I have for him! Poor Mr!

So here’s a peek….

2015-01-01 09.12.00

Padding work, Cricket (formally known as Easy E) helping and learning from his Dad




2015-01-01 08.36.26

Aww, nothing like new carpet

2015-01-01 15.03.07

With the 2 little boys sharing a smallish room, how to floor space? Bunk beds, I looked and looked and kept coming back to this picture.


2015-01-01 14.28.24

See The Mr. build, I love that I can show him a picture and he can build it… in this case part of a design.


2015-01-01 16.59.19

Amazing what he can do with 2×4’s and MDF. All it needs now is paint.










Plus he modified it to work for our little Boyz. Navy blue on the beds, Lighthouse shadows on the walls and I’m thinking some kind of graphics? Maybe graffiti?










There’s a small peek at what we’ve done to the Boyz rooms. Cricket’s bed is going up… He loves the idea of a loft bed and give him more room. The living room is done… well for the most part, some touch up paint, pictures and the like. I’ve got a plan and the stuff to redo my bedroom and the plans for a new bed myself… heheh, The Mr’s weekends are planed out from now till the end of March! Poor guy!!


But I’ve gotta run… stuff to do and a craft room to organize.

Till next time…. XOXO




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