Unpacking and Merry Christmas

So the move to Louisiana went fairly smooth. We got here on Friday afternoon, a whole day ahead of scheduled…. The packers in VA got done lighting quick, so they loaded us out a day early. Anywho, we packed up, and plunked us down back in our old neighborhood. Which is great, I’m so happy to be back! With one little exception… the unpacking part. This house (which I love, love, love!) is still a whole basement smaller. I had tons of storage in the basement as well as the Biddy’s room, a craft room and the like, So I’m now wondering what to do with all this stuff, ( I didn’t listen to myself and get rid of most of it) So I still have boxes and boxes to unpack. It is coming together, mostly, just slower than I’d like.  All my craft stuff is in the garage, where I’m going to have my craft room… be looking for that makeover sometime in the new year, I have ideas…. muhaha.

Also in the mist of unpacking, it’s also Christmas… The only decorating we’ve done is… The tree, the tree is up. But none of the other christmas craziness that normally goes on is going on. I tried to talk the Mr. into getting a table top tree and calling that good… but no such luck. I know he’s right, (but don’t tell him I said so.) with the boyz we needed to put the tree up. But no baking this year, and that’s what I miss! I love being elbow deep in cookie dough! For all those I bake for… next year, I’ll make up for it next year! Promise!! We did find time to shop… and shop….and shop! But the boyz are done, and I do believe they’ll be very happy. (I hope)



Here’s the new living room… of course it looks somewhat better now.


Guaranteed to make me crazy… but we finally pick a paint color.


See… tree up! We have Eazy E to thank for decorating this year.


The bedroom I want!


Merry Christmas to all!!  Until next time XOXO



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