Table Thursday

I’ve been so wrapped up in redoing my living room tables I haven’t done any ,uh, hardly anything else… strip, sand, chase sanding dust, stain…. wait to dry…. well you get the picture. My project started, as all good projects do, on Pintrest. When I came across this picture

I got my craft skills and my maniac need to finish what I start as quickly as possible from my mama.   Typically, my mom does big crafts like building a glass block wall in her shower and stenciling entire rooms. A few weekends ago, she bought a new wood coffee table, and decided it needed a …

Pretty isn’t it. Click the picture to see how she did her’s!

I’ve been so tired of my tables…. we bought them in 1999, so we’ve had them awhile. I do like them, they’re well made and heavy suckers. I was just tired of looking at ’em. But I didn’t really want to replace them, I like the shape and that they aren’t matchy match. So anyway, I showed the Mr. and shock and amazement  he said he liked that look, but why didn’t I just redo the whole table. What I thought was gonna be a fairly quick project has turned into a long project since each table takes a couple of days to do with dry time and picky diamond drawing.

Come in to my living room and I’ll show you how I did mine…


2014-10-28 10.18.57

This is what I started with… well-loved coffee table


2014-10-28 10.44.40

It all starts with this, I love this stripper. Easy to use and the best part is it works! 😉

2014-10-28 15.02.54

Before sanding, see the stripper really, really works







2014-10-28 20.31.29

Diamonds all taped, wrong but taped.

2014-10-29 07.35.35

Taped right, at least for what I wanted. I took the measurements (The Mr. did the math.) then I divided the table in quarters and drew the diamonds on the diagonal with my quilting ruler. Starting in the middle. Yes the middle… It worked that’s all I know


2014-10-29 09.09.09

I taped every other one, in every other row.

2014-10-29 09.09.47

Tons of taping and sanding, with Anna to help make sure I got it right.

2014-10-29 09.52.57

Border time…

2014-10-29 09.54.56

Diamonds done, border done, now for the second color of stain

2014-10-30 16.06.10

See, subtle.

2014-10-31 14.47.51

All done. New pulls added to lighter stain gives a whole new feel.


Now only 2 more tables, well, really one. A little twist to the tops, they are all gonna have different patterns… all still diamonds, but different.


2014-11-04 15.00.46

See different

I’m off to finish the last one…. whew! Till next time …XOXO




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