Yup, it’s Monday

With the time change the J-boy is back to his old habits, jeez, hopefully he’ll get used to the change and start sleeping till at least the alarm going off. (but already I miss daylight saving time.) Did y’all remember to turn your clocks back? I already can’t wait till we get to spring forward! I hate it gets dark at 4:30.



Today we have puppy school… yay. Where Anna is learning manners and I’m learning not to be a wimp. So far she’s got  “sit” and “down” pretty good. At home we are working on, Quite! She barks at the boyz… she barks at the Mr…. she barks and growls at anybody who dares come in “her” house. She does wag her tail while barking and growling so I’m not really worried about it. But… she scares the bejesus outta everybody. So it’s got to stop. I know she’s doing her job, so I’m good with one or two barks to let me know the kids are home…. (as if I’d miss it!)  So we’re working on it.

2014-10-24 09.26.00


Now that the coffee table is done… twice, I didn’t like the color of the teak oil, so I had to re-strip the top and do it over, on the huge up side the diamonds came out tons better. I did learn a thing or two, like when the stripper says wear gloves, really wear the gloves!

2014-11-03 08.09.32

Ouch, wear GLOVES!

Sanding in the house is fun… chasing the dust after… not so much. Not to mention how the ceiling catches lots of the dust. But since it’s cold outside I’m will to chase the dust… wherever it may hide! 🙂 I also learned diamonds are hard to draw and get even! But if you get one right… you can draw them all.

2014-10-31 14.47.51

Lighter and brighter

With new pulls and a much lighter stain, I can live with these tables another 20 years. Now on to the next one….. later after puppy school.



I love this… I’m gonna have to make this!


I’m off… Till next time, XOXO






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