Friday 5

It’s FFRRIIDDAAYYYYY… and Halloween, so 2 thumbs up. Also, once again early release day, umm, 1/2 thumb down. But really , not an entirely bad thing.  The Mr. will be home today, the Biddy Girl will be home today so all good things come to those that live through the week. 😉


A few of my favorite things this week… and boy, dontcha know I have a few. So without further ado…. The Friday 5


2014-10-31 10.56.05

What is it about this song? I love this song!!

2014-10-30 16.06.10

Coffee table redo, tutorial later?

2014-10-31 10.55.03

Meet Anna….

2014-10-31 10.54.53

Woo Hoo… finally a serger! Not to mention classes on Crafty to learn how to use it!

2014-10-31 10.54.30

The Boyz are gonna be “Stick Figures” with the meme faces to match.


And speaking of costumes, they call, (nothing like leaving to the last-minute!) So have a great Halloween…


Till next time, XOXO



High Five for Friday

The Lauren Elizabeth


The Diary of a Real Housewife

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