Just Another Manic Monday

And if you sang it, I’m impressed! But true statement around here, of course I overslept this morning…. The J-Boy is really learning how to sleep! Yay, that’s cause for celebration, way better than the 4:30 or so that he used to get up at. It’s only taken 2 years to break that habit. Now if I could get him and Nicky Baby to be quiet for a few minutes in the morning, they both wake up yapping…. Eazy E like me is NOT a morning person we have a silent agreement not to speak to each other, until we’re getting ready to hit the bus stop. 😉 I don’t know how middle school is gonna go, he’s gonna have to get up much earlier, poor baby!


On the upside this was a very productive weekend, another pick-up load of mulch down, and the last part of the yard is cleaned up and looks much better. I sat down with my tablet and a few videos to learn my serger. Re-did the front door wreath for fall. The camper is moved out of the driveway and put away for the winter, all that’s needed for that is a cover. J-boy’s closet is all cleaned up and his summer clothes are mostly put up. Discovered Nicky-baby has 2 long sleeve shirts, (I foresee a shopping trip in my near future.)

And best of all… My Mom and Dad will be here today. That way when the Bug calls and says the baby is on the way, I can just leave. I have the best parents, they volunteered to run herd on the boy for 2 weeks, so I can help the Bug with her little critter, when she decides to make an appearance.


2014-10-06 07.51.40

Much, Mulch better

2014-10-06 07.52.29

All tucked away for the winter

2014-03-17 16.19.02

From this



2014-10-06 07.58.07

To that













This week will be packed with dentist appointments Eazy E had 6 cavities, Nicky Baby had 1, and the J-Boy has an appointment for a check up, fun in the sun! And hopefully a baby this week!! I hope, I hope.


Till next time, XOXO



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