The Friday Five

Tis Friday and time for my favorite post. The Friday Five!  This is the post that I get to have fun with and look over the week, so come with me and I’ll give you a peek into my week…



2014-09-24 16.40.44

Ok, so I thought I was done… But… Regan is Reagan , so opps!

2014-09-24 18.47.49

One of the 5th grade responses! Which tickled my fancy.




I really liked the Naked 2 palette… But let me tell you what, The Naked 3 knocks it outa the park, at least for me.


Pinky-browns, LOVE…love…love!!












I am still loving my cut… no cut my hair off remorse. It’s easy to do, and takes 10 minutes! What’s not to love?


                                                                             Browse the Oyster Library

So I downloaded a new app… it is like Netflix for books. $9.95 a month and if you read like I do its sooooo worth it. They have a really nice selection of books, with more added all the time. So far the only gripe I have with it, is…. If the last page in a chapter is only a paragraph  long or so it cuts it out and goes right to the next chapter, so a few times you’re left hanging. I know this because I read a book on Oyster that I had already read… yes to see how they formatted the books. It’s a weird thing, but there it is. So I am pretty happy with the app in general, and hope they get the formatting deal fixed!!



There is my week in a nutshell… How was yours?? Till next time… XOXO



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