A Vintage Weekend

Tis Tuesday I know… Yesterday I spent running around gathering things I needed for various projects, Goodwill bound was I. A couple of pairs of jeans, (if I cut up another pair of the Mr.’s, he’ll be very unhappy!) A few books to cut up… gasp, Yes I said cut up. When I spied this among the randomness that is our local Goodwill..



Wow… can you see it?





What a find! Waterfall vanity with the original mirror! And in wonderful shape! The only thing missing is the bench.. but I’m thinking an ottoman will work if I can find the right one. I can just see it decked out with a silver brush set and some perfume bottles… maybe a powder set… oohhh… the fun I’ll have looking for just the right stuff!!




Now to put the mirror on… But it’s here! Where it belongs


This has been my week for vintage, while messing around in West Virginia we found an antique mall, where I found some really cool old patterns, They are going to be fun to make up this winter… I just love the forties. The clothes are classic and still relevant for today


2014-09-21 16.41.57

I can’t wait


Of course it’s no longer Tuesday, but Wednesday…. With one thing after another, Wednesday came without fail, so here’s Monday’s Uh…. Tuesdays … Uh, Wednesdays post! And now I’m off to finish the Bug’s quilt, early release day and the dreaded Parent/Teacher conferences!

So until next time…XOXO


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