The Winds of Change are Blowing

Whew… When I got up this morning I did what I do every morning, get the Boyz up, feed them, get them dressed, on the bus, you know the same thing, just a different day. Come home from the bus stop, take a shower, mess with my hair, make-up, dressed, same deal, different day… borning! Soooo I decided to mix it up a bit. When I got up… I looked like this


Longish hair… brown…. borning! Hmmmm… what to do… what to do…. Call the hairdresser!!

And Now??  Are you ready??

20140916_152936 20140916_152928

Woo Hoo…. I’m sooooo in love with this cut!! And the new color!!! I feel like a whole new woman! It’s amazing what a new hair style can do do for you. Yay… and now…. I’m not bored!!

Have a great day!! Till next time XOXO


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