The Friday Five

It’s time for the Friday Five… I can not believe how quick the weeks seem to go, I swear it was just Monday. But I’m sure happy it’s Friday.

The J-Boy has belt promotion tonight, sniff sniff, he’s being promoted to Orange Belt. Nicky Baby (to Orange but Jr orange) and Easy E ( Blue)  have theirs tomorrow. I can’t get over how much MMA has helped the boys. Easy E is training to be a Jr. instructor… I couldn’t be more proud. Look for picture of that Monday. This week is all about working on a baby quilt for the Bug… she’s due the 30th of this month, Wow… we’re going to be Grandparents! I can’t get over it!! However I can’t share that as I don’t want The Bug to see… yet!

So on with the Friday Five

2014-08-26 16.00.58

I finally got the family pictures hung… Kind of 3d deal, I was soooo tired of the same old arrangment. This is much better.

2014-09-02 04.47.32

We had the neighbors over for a small BBQ, They are a neat family!!

2014-09-07 03.52.54

we took the boyz to Gettysburg, I don’t think they quite got it… but it was way cool

2014-09-07 03.20.13-3

You can just feel…. shivers (Gettysburg)

2014-08-07 03.36.59-3

I just love this picture of The Bug and her main Squeeze… They are going to amazing parents! With awesome Grandparents! Just call me Memaw Crazy


Welp, that’ll do it for this week… How was your week?  Till next time.. XOXO


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The Diary of a Real Housewife

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