Craft time…

I have had four tons of projects this summer… and wouldn’tcha know I failed to take pictures of any of them. So I’ll share my latest. I’m pretty proud of it… but fair warning it’s not really done.

The Mr. finishes cutting down the pretty Red Bud tree that overhung the deck, I love Red Buds they are so pretty. But this one was sick… weak and angled right over the deck. So it really has to come down, welp, I asked him to cut it off level I was thinking maybe to turn it into a seat? Then I thought I just mosaic it… off I went… I thought at first I’d use old plates and such… Then (light dawns) glass tile? Nope, glass filler, ya know for vases, Yay… winner winner, chicken dinner!


2014-08-24 12.11.03

Here is Himself, cutting it down… what is it about power tools?


Here is the start… I had thought to use tile adhesive but I didn’t have any on hand and didn’t really feel like running across town to Lowe’s. So Liquid Nails to the rescue!


All done but for the drying and the grouting




Shiney…. and a point of interest in the garden. My version of a gazing ball


So today now that it’s finally dry, I’ll be grouting it. So to recap….  Easy, easy project all you need is a tree stump.. old plates, glass tile, vase filler, whatever…. although if you use old plates put them in a brown paper bag, break up with a hammer… Carefully! Then take whatever you’ve  chosen to use glue it to the top of the stump… wait to dry… mix up your grout… smear it all over, making use to fill in the gaps… wait for it to dry to a haze… take a wet sponge and wipe off the grout from whatever you’ve used, being careful not to pull the grout out of the gaps… let dry…. TADA… pretty stump!


Till next time, XOXO


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