So many things

There are so many thing I could blog about…. from the deeply personal to the downright silly. But.. since I’m still working through the deeply personal we’ll give that on a pass for now.  So maybe I’ll make this post a public service  announcement. I have thought for months I was starting the dreaded Menopause part of life, while parts of menopause I am truly looking forward to, there are others that are not so fun. Lets start with the hot flashes… let me tell you what, the are hugely uncomfortable. Even the tips of my ears would burn. Then there are the night sweats which are just hot flashes while you sleep, or try to. I’d have to get up and change pj’s and flipping the blankets on… then off. So you’re really not sleeping. Which compounds the next problem, Mood Swings. From somewhat normal to full-blown BITCH in 2.5 seconds. I don’t cry so I didn’t have to deal with the crying jags… but I was so angry all the time! It took so little to set me off and while I knew I was overreacting I just couldn’t seem to help myself.

So what did I do? Well, first I tried every natural remedy on the planet. Some worked better than others… One a Day vitamins for women worked the best, at least for the hot flashes, but not the mood swings. The vitamins from GNC … a huge pack of them…. said they’d help with all my problems… didn’t.  Neither did Black Cohosh or any of the other herbals out there. But after hearing all the bad stuff about Hormone Replacement Therapy…  you try the natural stuff first. And they may work for you, I have heard women who swear by this or that.  After all the trials and failures, I did what comes next, I made an appointment with my Doctor. (Yes, I should’ve probably done that first). So I go in …  and I’ll spare you the details just because… (we all know what goes on when you go the gynecologist), (and if you happen to be a guy reading this… you don’t need to know) All that stuff check out… 🙂 He gives me a non-hormonal fix for the hot flashes and the mood swings. YaaY.. It works, no hot flashes and night sweats and finally some sleep!! So a few days later the Dr. calls… and says to me, your Estrogen is fine… meaning I’m NOT Menopausal, what the problem is my TSH level is 15, which means my thyroid is not working… umm… you mean a low thyroid can cause hot flashes, mood swings, Oh, and forgetting stuff and a slew of other menopausal symptoms  ??!! Who knew? I didn’t till now, after reading article after article. So Ladies, if you are a 40 something… and feeling like crap, think you are going into menopause….



It could be Low Thyroid, GO to the Doctor and find out for sure it, makes a huge difference, instead of making yourself crazy!


Till next time… XOXO

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