It’s a Monday

And I’m having a hard time figuring out what to write about… so many thing running around my head and I can’t seem to grasp a single one of them, nothing is coming out quite right. So I guess I’ll shoot for tomorrow… maybe I’ll be able to pick a thought long enough to get it written in a coherent fashion. Until then I’ll go clean something and try to get it out that way.


Till next time..XOXO and let me leave you with this….




The Friday Five

Tis Friday and time for my favorite post. The Friday Five!  This is the post that I get to have fun with and look over the week, so come with me and I’ll give you a peek into my week…



2014-09-24 16.40.44

Ok, so I thought I was done… But… Regan is Reagan , so opps!

2014-09-24 18.47.49

One of the 5th grade responses! Which tickled my fancy.




I really liked the Naked 2 palette… But let me tell you what, The Naked 3 knocks it outa the park, at least for me.


Pinky-browns, LOVE…love…love!!












I am still loving my cut… no cut my hair off remorse. It’s easy to do, and takes 10 minutes! What’s not to love?


                                                                             Browse the Oyster Library

So I downloaded a new app… it is like Netflix for books. $9.95 a month and if you read like I do its sooooo worth it. They have a really nice selection of books, with more added all the time. So far the only gripe I have with it, is…. If the last page in a chapter is only a paragraph  long or so it cuts it out and goes right to the next chapter, so a few times you’re left hanging. I know this because I read a book on Oyster that I had already read… yes to see how they formatted the books. It’s a weird thing, but there it is. So I am pretty happy with the app in general, and hope they get the formatting deal fixed!!



There is my week in a nutshell… How was yours?? Till next time… XOXO



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A Vintage Weekend

Tis Tuesday I know… Yesterday I spent running around gathering things I needed for various projects, Goodwill bound was I. A couple of pairs of jeans, (if I cut up another pair of the Mr.’s, he’ll be very unhappy!) A few books to cut up… gasp, Yes I said cut up. When I spied this among the randomness that is our local Goodwill..



Wow… can you see it?





What a find! Waterfall vanity with the original mirror! And in wonderful shape! The only thing missing is the bench.. but I’m thinking an ottoman will work if I can find the right one. I can just see it decked out with a silver brush set and some perfume bottles… maybe a powder set… oohhh… the fun I’ll have looking for just the right stuff!!




Now to put the mirror on… But it’s here! Where it belongs


This has been my week for vintage, while messing around in West Virginia we found an antique mall, where I found some really cool old patterns, They are going to be fun to make up this winter… I just love the forties. The clothes are classic and still relevant for today


2014-09-21 16.41.57

I can’t wait


Of course it’s no longer Tuesday, but Wednesday…. With one thing after another, Wednesday came without fail, so here’s Monday’s Uh…. Tuesdays … Uh, Wednesdays post! And now I’m off to finish the Bug’s quilt, early release day and the dreaded Parent/Teacher conferences!

So until next time…XOXO


The Friday Five

Yay, it’s Friday! Early Friday, Easy E has a club deal before school, which means it’s an early day today, plus…. early release day, Yay. It’s been a beautiful week this week, in the mid to upper 70’s, fall is fast approaching but I do hope it hangs out for a while. While the weather has been beautiful, I’ve been hanging on the deck, which the Mr. has been working on and it looks amazing! (Not to mention, no more splinters) So now I need to update the rest of the chairs to due the “new” deck justice! Still working on the Bug’s quilt… machine quilting takes some arm strength. But I’m really loving the meandering stitch, if you haven’t tried it…. do it’s fun! All in all it’s been a really good week…



Living room redo, IT feels much lighter and brighter all it took was some different pictures, recover of the pillows and drop cloth curtains


All done…


The deck before


The deck after


My new purse… Jean and leather


The outside


The meandering stitch

2014-07-20 19.36.34

Random cat picture….


There’s my week, how’s yours??  Till next time, XOXO

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The Diary of a Real Housewife



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The Winds of Change are Blowing

Whew… When I got up this morning I did what I do every morning, get the Boyz up, feed them, get them dressed, on the bus, you know the same thing, just a different day. Come home from the bus stop, take a shower, mess with my hair, make-up, dressed, same deal, different day… borning! Soooo I decided to mix it up a bit. When I got up… I looked like this


Longish hair… brown…. borning! Hmmmm… what to do… what to do…. Call the hairdresser!!

And Now??  Are you ready??


Woo Hoo…. I’m sooooo in love with this cut!! And the new color!!! I feel like a whole new woman! It’s amazing what a new hair style can do do for you. Yay… and now…. I’m not bored!!

Have a great day!! Till next time XOXO

Another Monday

Just another Monday, round the Crazy household. But now peace reigns supreme. After a long weekend peace is very welcome.. I’ve been just itching to get back in my craft room, I have plans for a new purse! Mmmmm…. I can’t wait to see if I can get in outta my head and on to my shoulder. I have to finish the Bug’s quilt… and a few other little projects to finish up. But I guess one step at a time.

Belt promotion was Friday and Saturday, it really is fun to see how much the Boyz have learned. This was Nicky Baby’s first belt promotion as a Jr, I was pretty impressed with his progress!  Eazy E, as always looked amazing. The Little J-Boy also is coming right along, This program has been so good for the boyz I just can’t say enough good things!!

2014-09-13 06.18.50-2

The J-Boy’s cross….

2014-09-13 06.56.27-3

New Orange Belt

2014-09-13 06.48.26-1

I love to watch The Black Dragons spar with the instructors… My friend’s Ms. K’s little Dragon, Mr. G

2014-09-13 21.34.01-1

NIcky Baby sparing with one the instructors….

2014-09-13 23.30.42-6

Orange Belt… But Jr’s Orange.

2014-09-13 21.49.14-1

Eazy E sparing

2014-09-13 23.35.22-2

Purple Belt!!

2014-09-13 22.55.51-1

Board Breaking… and for the Black Belt, the Amazing Mr D scores!! Go D!

2014-09-13 22.24.55-1

Double Board Breaks… Mr. M for the win!! (he’s 10!)

The Friday Five

It’s time for the Friday Five… I can not believe how quick the weeks seem to go, I swear it was just Monday. But I’m sure happy it’s Friday.

The J-Boy has belt promotion tonight, sniff sniff, he’s being promoted to Orange Belt. Nicky Baby (to Orange but Jr orange) and Easy E ( Blue)  have theirs tomorrow. I can’t get over how much MMA has helped the boys. Easy E is training to be a Jr. instructor… I couldn’t be more proud. Look for picture of that Monday. This week is all about working on a baby quilt for the Bug… she’s due the 30th of this month, Wow… we’re going to be Grandparents! I can’t get over it!! However I can’t share that as I don’t want The Bug to see… yet!

So on with the Friday Five

2014-08-26 16.00.58

I finally got the family pictures hung… Kind of 3d deal, I was soooo tired of the same old arrangment. This is much better.

2014-09-02 04.47.32

We had the neighbors over for a small BBQ, They are a neat family!!

2014-09-07 03.52.54

we took the boyz to Gettysburg, I don’t think they quite got it… but it was way cool

2014-09-07 03.20.13-3

You can just feel…. shivers (Gettysburg)

2014-08-07 03.36.59-3

I just love this picture of The Bug and her main Squeeze… They are going to amazing parents! With awesome Grandparents! Just call me Memaw Crazy


Welp, that’ll do it for this week… How was your week?  Till next time.. XOXO


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The Diary of a Real Housewife

Craft time…

I have had four tons of projects this summer… and wouldn’tcha know I failed to take pictures of any of them. So I’ll share my latest. I’m pretty proud of it… but fair warning it’s not really done.

The Mr. finishes cutting down the pretty Red Bud tree that overhung the deck, I love Red Buds they are so pretty. But this one was sick… weak and angled right over the deck. So it really has to come down, welp, I asked him to cut it off level I was thinking maybe to turn it into a seat? Then I thought I just mosaic it… off I went… I thought at first I’d use old plates and such… Then (light dawns) glass tile? Nope, glass filler, ya know for vases, Yay… winner winner, chicken dinner!


2014-08-24 12.11.03

Here is Himself, cutting it down… what is it about power tools?


Here is the start… I had thought to use tile adhesive but I didn’t have any on hand and didn’t really feel like running across town to Lowe’s. So Liquid Nails to the rescue!


All done but for the drying and the grouting




Shiney…. and a point of interest in the garden. My version of a gazing ball


So today now that it’s finally dry, I’ll be grouting it. So to recap….  Easy, easy project all you need is a tree stump.. old plates, glass tile, vase filler, whatever…. although if you use old plates put them in a brown paper bag, break up with a hammer… Carefully! Then take whatever you’ve  chosen to use glue it to the top of the stump… wait to dry… mix up your grout… smear it all over, making use to fill in the gaps… wait for it to dry to a haze… take a wet sponge and wipe off the grout from whatever you’ve used, being careful not to pull the grout out of the gaps… let dry…. TADA… pretty stump!


Till next time, XOXO


So many things

There are so many thing I could blog about…. from the deeply personal to the downright silly. But.. since I’m still working through the deeply personal we’ll give that on a pass for now.  So maybe I’ll make this post a public service  announcement. I have thought for months I was starting the dreaded Menopause part of life, while parts of menopause I am truly looking forward to, there are others that are not so fun. Lets start with the hot flashes… let me tell you what, the are hugely uncomfortable. Even the tips of my ears would burn. Then there are the night sweats which are just hot flashes while you sleep, or try to. I’d have to get up and change pj’s and flipping the blankets on… then off. So you’re really not sleeping. Which compounds the next problem, Mood Swings. From somewhat normal to full-blown BITCH in 2.5 seconds. I don’t cry so I didn’t have to deal with the crying jags… but I was so angry all the time! It took so little to set me off and while I knew I was overreacting I just couldn’t seem to help myself.

So what did I do? Well, first I tried every natural remedy on the planet. Some worked better than others… One a Day vitamins for women worked the best, at least for the hot flashes, but not the mood swings. The vitamins from GNC … a huge pack of them…. said they’d help with all my problems… didn’t.  Neither did Black Cohosh or any of the other herbals out there. But after hearing all the bad stuff about Hormone Replacement Therapy…  you try the natural stuff first. And they may work for you, I have heard women who swear by this or that.  After all the trials and failures, I did what comes next, I made an appointment with my Doctor. (Yes, I should’ve probably done that first). So I go in …  and I’ll spare you the details just because… (we all know what goes on when you go the gynecologist), (and if you happen to be a guy reading this… you don’t need to know) All that stuff check out… 🙂 He gives me a non-hormonal fix for the hot flashes and the mood swings. YaaY.. It works, no hot flashes and night sweats and finally some sleep!! So a few days later the Dr. calls… and says to me, your Estrogen is fine… meaning I’m NOT Menopausal, what the problem is my TSH level is 15, which means my thyroid is not working… umm… you mean a low thyroid can cause hot flashes, mood swings, Oh, and forgetting stuff and a slew of other menopausal symptoms  ??!! Who knew? I didn’t till now, after reading article after article. So Ladies, if you are a 40 something… and feeling like crap, think you are going into menopause….



It could be Low Thyroid, GO to the Doctor and find out for sure it, makes a huge difference, instead of making yourself crazy!


Till next time… XOXO

Well, Hello there

Well, Hello there my long lost friend. I hope all is well with you and yours. It’s been a long and crazy summer round here, with camping and crafting galore, not to mention running 3 boys around.  Finding the time to actually sit down and put together a blog post was not gonna happen.  Now all the boyz are in school… even the J-boy, all day Kindergarten!! It’s amazing! So to pick up where I left off , or “How we spent our summer vacation.” (I hated those essays in school) But now I can do a picture deal! 🙂 Are you ready… well, ready or not here they come. How the Crazy’s spent their summer vacation…..





Well… There are the highlights. We had the best time. My fav… has to be the cross country camping trip, 4200 miles, 15 states, and tons of pictures (and I mean like 2000 pictures) and memories that will last a life time. But now it’s time to get back into the swing of things which includes…. Blogging! Yay, I’ve missed it and I hope y’all miss me.

Till next time… XOXO