A New Post

I’m a horrible blogger… I should be grounded and sent to my room, (Please!) But I will try to flip over a new page and do a better job, there just never seem to be enough hours in the day to get all I want done. Plus read what ever book I’m immersed in.

The house is now officially unpacked! Yay, now on to the fun part… decorating it! Which plays a part in today’s post. My kitchen has soffits… (I do miss open space above the upper cabinets, but it is what it is.) I thought about antique or vintage kitchen gadgets, but apparently so had everybody else. Because they are impossible to find. Next… my much-loved and hidden for the last couple of years, apple plaques, nope to big, I wanted something fun and easy and not red!  Light dawns, I have stenciled quotes and such above the cabinets in a few places,   this time I didn’t want a whole quote per se…. nor did I want to use stencils… I love the look of mixed fonts. Sooo off to PicMonkey, I just love PicMonkey. There I type in a bunch of random cutesy short little quotes. Printed them out. Now how to get them on the wall, pencil. That’ll work and it did as you’ll see.


2014-06-04 07.08.27

See mixed fonts, cutesy saying what’s not to like?

2014-06-04 07.08.33

Color the back of said quote with a pencil, make sure you cover all the words, top to bottom.

2014-06-04 09.02.35

Tape it to the wall where you want it, with another pencil trace the words

2014-06-04 07.08.50

Works like a charm

2014-06-04 12.18.14

Fill in with paint, and look a fun border like deal.

2014-06-05 10.01.50

What’d you think?



Took an afternoon to do, a couple of artist brushes, and some craft paint that I had on hand. I like, the other upside is when I get bored, a quick coat of paint… and a new canvas appears.

What do you do with the space above your cabinets?     Till next time, XOXO



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