It’s Friday

Can you believe it, it’s Friday!! Woot to the Hoot! Another week down, well really two… So today’s Friday 5 is gonna be a bit longer…  dare I say the Friday 9 or 10, maybe. So I guess I’ll get right to it!


2014-05-26 08.16.53

Aww Camping!! The Mr. on Friday last, you know Memorial Day Weekend, says to me… “Do you have any plans for the weekend?” Well… now that you mention it, my parents are home and I was hoping we could go over to Louisville and hang for the weekend. From that to “by the way I bought their old Pop-Up and we are going camping with your folks, you have 2 hours before we leave.” REALLY!?

2014-05-23 20.14.09

The Mr. and J-Boy making s’mores

2014-05-23 20.27.08

The results of s’mores

2014-05-25 15.57.28

Enough said! Just let me say here camping is fun. We camped at the KOA in Corbin Kentucky and had a blast. Water balloon tosses, cornhole games, BBQ’s and Showers!! It’s a lot different from the tent camping I remember from childhood or the girl scouts. So much that I believe we’ll be doing a fair amount over the summer

2014-05-27 15.36.45

The pattern on my craft room wall! I love the way it turned out and the interest it gives an otherwise boxy room.

2014-06-05 10.00.53

The other project knocked out! No tutorial on that one… design on the fly! But maybe the next one I make?

2014-05-06 07.58.24

See bird… Bird has babies.. and tweet all the flipping time!! Grrrrr…. I really don’t want to kill the babies…. So fly away little blackbirds, FLY away!

2014-06-05 12.47.46

Remember the bird, see the cat…. Listen to the birds

2014-06-06 11.13.33

RIP…. Rest in Peace my friend! My camera, my constant companion for years. Epic shutter fail, called Canon, and they don’t fix 20D’s anymore, too old they said…. But…. with the Canon Loyalty Plan I can upgrade to a 60D for a killer price. So I’m saying goodbye to an old friend. And hoping for a new friend. 😉

There are the last couple of weeks in a nutshell…. How was your week? Have a great weekend and hopefully see you here on Monday! Till next time, XOXO


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A New Post

I’m a horrible blogger… I should be grounded and sent to my room, (Please!) But I will try to flip over a new page and do a better job, there just never seem to be enough hours in the day to get all I want done. Plus read what ever book I’m immersed in.

The house is now officially unpacked! Yay, now on to the fun part… decorating it! Which plays a part in today’s post. My kitchen has soffits… (I do miss open space above the upper cabinets, but it is what it is.) I thought about antique or vintage kitchen gadgets, but apparently so had everybody else. Because they are impossible to find. Next… my much-loved and hidden for the last couple of years, apple plaques, nope to big, I wanted something fun and easy and not red!  Light dawns, I have stenciled quotes and such above the cabinets in a few places,   this time I didn’t want a whole quote per se…. nor did I want to use stencils… I love the look of mixed fonts. Sooo off to PicMonkey, I just love PicMonkey. There I type in a bunch of random cutesy short little quotes. Printed them out. Now how to get them on the wall, pencil. That’ll work and it did as you’ll see.


2014-06-04 07.08.27

See mixed fonts, cutesy saying what’s not to like?

2014-06-04 07.08.33

Color the back of said quote with a pencil, make sure you cover all the words, top to bottom.

2014-06-04 09.02.35

Tape it to the wall where you want it, with another pencil trace the words

2014-06-04 07.08.50

Works like a charm

2014-06-04 12.18.14

Fill in with paint, and look a fun border like deal.

2014-06-05 10.01.50

What’d you think?



Took an afternoon to do, a couple of artist brushes, and some craft paint that I had on hand. I like, the other upside is when I get bored, a quick coat of paint… and a new canvas appears.

What do you do with the space above your cabinets?     Till next time, XOXO