Friday Five

Just gotta love a productive week… the main floor is done! Yay, except for a few tweaks and such. I still have the boyz rooms and the lovely basement which will become the boyz hang out place, games, movies, toys and the like. I am making headway in the craft room!! YAY!! My escape room. I’ve also decided to give away alllllll of my paperbacks.  I think they’ve become more of a security blanket. Some I’ve had since 7th grade or so. It’s time they found a new home with someone who will read them and pass them on.


2014-05-16 07.58.19

Still needs a few little tweaks but for the most part… Done! And yes… School has been canceled for the day, yes it is May.

2014-05-13 07.51.15

She’s getting so big! And currently a tick magnet!

2014-05-16 07.57.11

Boxes and boxes of paperbacks….. I’m keeping the hardbacks… but the paperbacks are outta here.


2014-05-16 07.57.50

At least I know where I want all this stuff….


Awww… At least they are cute! I’m hoping to remember that today.

I hope y’all have had a great week. Blue skies and warm breezes to y’all… Till next time XOXO

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