Fail? Maybe

My un-packing is going semi well… mostly. Found a leaky hot water heater while organizing the storage room… so now that part is on hold till the Mr. really fixes it or just replaces it. On to the craft room (yay) it’s coming along at least I know about where I want everything! (For the most part, anyway.)  While setting up my sewing table, a cheap plastic card like table, inspiration struck, all those curtains I made for the old house… I suddenly knew what to do with them. Cover my table, out comes the glue, glue the fabric to the top, more inspiration, the varnish from the kitchen table. Let’s cover the fabric with that…. umm. Well, why not? So it kind of worked, maybe with a few more coats, minus the sanding of course.


2014-05-14 11.31.53

Talk about ugly… boy was it. I’ve used it for all sorts of stuff, the hubby’s used it as a saw table. It should be said for a cheap plastic table it’s really held up well.

2014-05-14 11.58.34

Fabric all glued down with the varnish pretty much just slapped on…. the ugly popped right through.

2014-05-15 16.24.00

Here it is all dry. and while it didn’t work quite the way I had envisioned… I think it will work just fine. After a couple of more coats of varnish…. but maybe the spray kind.


And do notice the wall is now painted… yay!! Only the cutting in and 3 more walls to do. Till next time, XOXO

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