What a week

Last week was swamped and my week for projects that just ate up time, like it was Twinkies! Well, what projects you may wonder? A baby quilt (that I’ve had to do for a couple of months, can you spell procrastination?), Stripped the ugly kitchen table and re-stained it, made a cute planter outta an old chandler,  and finished unpacking, (at least the main floor) Whew…I’m glad that’s over. On to the next projects that I hope I can spread out a bit, a couple of baby dresses, the Boyz’ rooms, the basement (that’s for this week!) A bird house sculpture, umm… oh the plans and ideas running through my head! I’m just having a blast!



2014-05-06 10.08.38

It really wasn’t ugly.. just well-loved! Pretty banged up and just kind of sad.


2014-05-08 10.18.43

Now, now its just pretty! I love the way the lighter stain brought out the wood grain.

2014-05-08 11.42.10

Forgot 1… parents lunch!!

2014-05-09 09.58.03

Picture this with some hot red drapey flowers. Hanging over the pond. 😉

2014-05-09 11.43.06

Da baby quilt! Yay.. my first attempt at quilting and it has to be said, it really was a lot of fun!


For Mother’s Day I got a new lens for my beloved camera!! Woot Woot… takes fantastic pictures!! Gotta love when the little Boyz let me pose them for a bit.


More with the new lens, versatile isn’t it. Dandelions are a pain, but the are pretty too.


Well, I’m outta here. The basement is calling my name… “please come unpack me, and work your way into the craft room! Then I can get my sewing machine off the dining room table. Till next time XOXO

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