Oh, yay! Wednesday! Why does it feel as if this week is crawling along? But March just flew by, one of those weird time things, I guess. I am pretty excited to be moving soon… new house, new decorating, wonderful yard that  the boys and I can spend time playing in, messing  with the flowers and the little pond! Hmm, I’ve never done water gardening before, I have to say I’m really looking forward to it. But until then… it’s time for What I Wore Wednesday. Excited? Yeah, not so much. But it does keep me dressed, if not imaginably, but with a limited closet, and more important stuff to buy, fabric, books, boy stuff, it is what it is. I might, this summer try my hand at making clothes, could be fun and certainly entertaining.  With that said.. on with the show.



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There it is… all in a nut shell! Cardigan, Shirt, Jeans… a uniform, if you will. I need to start scoping out pinterest, I’ll bet I could get all kinds of ideas! But with so many crafts and such.. I get sidetracked! It’s easy to push aside dressing well, or at all when the only people who see you are the Mr. and the boys. But I do have to admit… I do like looking put together! So I will keep on keeping on! And look for inspiration in the link ups!

Here’s to you and yours! Till next time… XOXO


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