This has been a lazy week for getting dressed… mostly tees and jeans as I’m still unpacking, cleaning and generally running amok.  But I have some ideas for later.. when I have everything put back together. Linking up gives me such inspiration and maybe push me outta my comfort zone, but we shall see. Although the only outfit that was picture worthy is outta my comfort zone…  A long skirt with a tee and flip-flops! So here it is…



2014-04-25 11.52.51

Tee and a skirt… hell has frozen over.

2014-04-25 13.33.13

I like better with the jean jacket…




And now for something else… This is what my Dad shared on my FB this morning and said, “You should wear this!”




Aww.. Steampunk. Love the hat!!

Gotta love my Dad, he has such a great sense of humor!


As always hope ya have a great day… Until next time XOXO


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