Friday Five on Saturday

Woohooo We are moved… yay, now come the unpacking and finding new homes for all this crap ,uh, stuff. Yep, stuff, that’s exactly what I meant. It always amazes me how much stuff, flotsam and jetsam we have acquired, just over the last year.  I can’t figure out where it all comes from. But now that we have it I have to find new homes for it… (sigh) Where to hang pictures, umm, the fun part! I thinking I’m finally gonna change my kitchen decor from apples, that I’ve been collecting basically since we got married to something different…  I have a yen for antique kitchen tools. Blues and greens are ruling the roost in my mind’s eye.  Lighter and brighter is what I’m thinking. That will be the fun part… but until then unpacking… trying to organize (and keep it that way) is the name of the game.



2014-04-14 18.09.39

The new house. It’s so cute (and smaller,which means easier in my book) With a to die for yard, flowers everywhere! And the pluses keep adding up, it’s on a cul-de-sac with kids in every house, even the little boys have someone to play with!


2014-04-19 13.18.26

These are the great guys who helped us move! I didn’t have to pick up a single box! Breakage was at a minimum too! 😉

2014-04-21 18.04.20

Already playin’ in the yard… in all truth, prolly his first and last time mowing.

2014-04-24 17.53.28

See… grrrrr…. stuff everywhere!

2014-04-24 14.13.53

But the flowers are beautiful!

Hope everybody had a great week! Until next time, XOXO




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6 thoughts on “Friday Five on Saturday

  1. What a cute looking house! I just can’t keep track of you guys 🙂 Keep your eye on those flowers while you unpack — their sunshine will help you through!

    • We moved about 4 blks over… 😉 I’m dreaming over what I want to do in the yard while I unpack…. you are right it does help!

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