Since we are moving this weekend, (why does it always sneak up on me?) with mad packing going on I’ve had no time for crafty anything…. sad I know… but as I like breathing, it is what it is. Besides Easter, it is also our anniversary this weekend. Believe  it or not… I still like him,(after 2o something years) and he still makes my toes curl!  So I’d thought I’d do a quick Throw Back Thursday…..


wedding 001

We were soooo young! But through thick and thin I know he’s got my back!

tim & shannan

hahahahaha…. enough said

don't they clean up good!

Road trip…. this set is now, 25,22 and 23


At one of his brother’s weddings


Wow… our first backyard!


Happy (a touch early) Anniversary to my Mr. I love you more today than I did yesterday.  Till next time.. XOXO



2 thoughts on “TBT

  1. I love the loose use of ‘back yard’! ‘)
    you guys were so damn cute!! and Tim always was a nice guy…
    it’s going to be fun to see if I can still push his buttons a bit! lol

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